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PRME Global Students

Get Involved

Are you passionate about sustainable development and responsible management?

Are you willing to lead the change you want to see in the world by joining efforts with other worldwide student leaders?

Are you looking for United Nations projects to apply and develop your management and sustainability skills?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above........ PGS is looking for you!

Students can apply to become PGS Regional Leaders or join the PGS Taskforces. In both positions, students will actively join efforts with other worldwide youth leaders to collaboratively advance the PGS movement.

These are outstanding opportunities to engage with colleagues beyond your campus and countries, thus applying your knowledge and learning how to manage international projects and empathetically collaborate with contributors from diverse backgrounds.

Apply to become a PGS Regional Leader and represent our global network in your continent:

Apply to join the PGS Global Taskforces and collectively manage one of the five projects of the PGS Portfolio:

All PRME students are eligible to apply, and we encourage you to submit applications for both open positions!

Join us for Informational Webinars on the commitment, application processes, and any other questions you have:

For additional questions about the application processes, email pgs@unprme.org or contact the PGS Regional Leader in your region (see Contact Us).



PRME Global Students (PGS) is a global platform for fruitful and creative collaboration, collective reflection, and joyful interactions between and beyond student organizations in the realm of responsible management education and sustainable development.

Student initiatives are influential drivers of change on campus, and all of our movements make a critical statement for the future we imagine. After every purposeful action, our voices get louder, and we increasingly move into the spotlight within and beyond our schools. But we cannot do all this work alone. And we are not alone.

The PGS Portfolio is composed of several projects and ways to get involved:

  1. PGS Careers
  2. Student Ambassador Program
  3. PGS Talks
  4. PGS Newsletter – Sign up here!
  5. Social Media

Each project is currently coordinated by one or two PGS Regional Leaders who lead their global taskforces that together are comprised of 42 students from 18 different countries. Please check all PGS Global Taskforce members here.

How We Engage

PGS Careers

PGS Careers aims to develop initiatives to improve the employability skills of PGS participants, connecting them to potential mentors and employees that can be beneficial to their careers.

The current program is the Mentorship Program. PGS Careers will provide PRME students the opportunities to converse with mentors, improving their employability skills and helping them to have a clearer sense of career plans. When confirmed to attend this program, students will be paired with a mentor and can attend the group mentorship online. Mentors are experts in SDGs-related areas, they might be from schools, enterprises, NGOs, etc. Students can get career advice from mentors and also meet friends who are also passionate about promoting sustainable development globally. Apart from that, students can also join sessions related to SDGs to have a better understanding of sustainability and responsible management. In the future, more information related to careers will be offered to connect students with companies and job opportunities.

PGS Careers will keep operating careers-related programs beneficial to participants in our community. Empowering students, linking them with experienced talents and opportunities, and leading them to a bright future!

PGS Talks

For us to form deeper connections and make our mark in this world, we must learn how to speak up, listen, and act. PGS's vision is to empower students all over the globe and to help increase their local and international connections. PGS Talks is where those visions come alive.

All the events created by PGS Talks embody the three pillars of PGS: Awareness, Advocacy, and Collective Action. Through our events, we plan to advocate for and spread awareness of the social and environmental issues that PRME aims to address. We seek every opportunity to provide students with a platform to speak, because we know their ability to think critically and inspire, and this demographic is often underrepresented. Unity emerges as people take the time to understand and sharpen one another, and PGS Talks enables this exchange. As a result, our events allow students, professionals, and organizations of various backgrounds to collaborate in solving the world’s most pressing issues.

PGS Ambassador Program

Empowering students through learning opportunities on responsible management, sustainability, and sustainable goals — this is the Ambassador’s Program! We aim to prepare a selected and diversified group of students in the advancement of the SDG’s so that in the future they may implement systemic changes within their environments. Thus, our goal is to bring international students together around sustainability and SDGs-focused topics to inspire and empower them. To accomplish this, the program creates spaces for project development through working groups where the students, equipped with knowledge, tools, and skills, can be responsible leaders. We believe that our Ambassadors can bring value to their respective student organizations, universities and communities, while keeping in touch with our taskforce, other Ambassadors, and guest speakers. Each program has a 10-week duration focusing on one region. Previous regions include Latin America and France-Benelux. However, this description does not completely resume our Ambassadors’ profiles: they are from +20 different nationalities, which enriches the program even more. There is space for acculturation throughout the program, which is structured in sessions with guest speakers who master some of the most important topics for that region. Behind these facts, there is a wonderful taskforce that works to provide an amazing experience to students and that is always open for hearing from the PGS community! The PGS Ambassador Program is a unique learning opportunity for everyone, whether they are students, taskforce members, guest speakers, and more!

PGS Newsletter

The PGS Newsletter is a monthly online publication where subscribers receive information about our global student network, including:

  • impactful actions by student organizations across the globe

  • best practices toward sustainability by students worldwide

  • jobs, internships, scholarships, and other opportunities

  • and more!

The Taskforce will be responsible for aggregating and editing the materials received from PGS contributors as well as formatting and launching the Newsletter every two months.

Social Media

What better way to connect students and young people all over the world together and have purposeful interactions, than with social media accounts dedicated to responsible management and sustainability? PGS Social Media task force operates on 3 platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, with a growing audience of about 1,000 student followers from all over the world. We are here to promote the presence of PGS and young people who care about responsible management education, by working alongside all other taskforces in bringing out the latest sustainability news, programs, and activities.

Responsible and sustainable management is interesting, challenging and exciting! That is why we operate to keep students and young people well involved in every step of PGS journey of advocating responsible innovation and empowerment. We believe that great changes can be made with collectible small actions. With just a click, a like, a share, a quick comment, at any time in the day, anywhere and on any device, you are already contributing to the movement of responsibility and sustainability. Utilizing the wonder of social media, we are building a community of young people who care deeply about the current social, ecological problems and about making the world a better place. We as admins and content creators are always on the watch out for the latest transformation and hot topic, as well as the latest activities and opportunities that are economically, socially and ecologically beneficial. We want to keep ourselves and the audience updated and inspired, by being a trustful, timely interactive purposeful social platform. So, (as always) follow us now on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram under PRME Global Students!

Along with promoting various projects from other PGS task forces, we run PGS social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with informative, educational and interactive content. Some of our weekly topics are:

  • Sustainability flash news

  • Responsible management 101

  • Sustainability knowledge trivia

  • Sustainable projects shout-out

We constantly interact with our audience, read their comments, and reply to any questions they have.

PGS Social Media

Contact Us

PGS Regional Leaders

Flavia  Cruz Palma

Flavia Cruz Palma

Regional Leader, Latin America

Matthew  Kendall

Matthew Kendall

Regional Leader, North America

Adrianna  Timmons

Adrianna Timmons

Regional Leader, North America

Lazar  Tomasevic

Lazar Tomasevic

Regional Leader, Europe

Eva  Burgnard

Eva Burgnard

Regional Leader, Europe

Munouwarrah  Abdurahman

Munouwarrah Abdurahman

Regional Leader, Africa

Samita Wambui  Mwanicky

Samita Wambui Mwanicky

Regional Leader, Africa

Nursulu  Murzagulova

Nursulu Murzagulova

Regional Leader, Eurasia

Ayaulym  Bekesh

Ayaulym Bekesh

Regional Leader, Eurasia

Salma  Nagy Fathy

Salma Nagy Fathy

Regional Leader, Middle East

Aldrei Louis Valencia Ocampo

Aldrei Louis Valencia Ocampo

Regional Leader, Middle East

Harsh  Mehta

Harsh Mehta

Regional Leader, Central & South Asia

Shashank  Jain

Shashank Jain

Regional Leader, Central & South Asia

Andrea  Theresia

Andrea Theresia

Regional Leader, East & Southeast Asia

Pearl Margarette L. Manaig

Pearl Margarette L. Manaig

Regional Leader, East & Southeast Asia

Chunshan  Li

Chunshan Li

Regional Leader, Oceania

Lara Angela Oana

Lara Angela Oana

Regional Leader, Oceania

Diego Rafael  Oviedo Espinosa

Diego Rafael Oviedo Espinosa

Regional Leader, Latin America & Caribbean

PGS Careers

Kelvin  Enumah

Kelvin Enumah

Co-Coordinator, PGS Careers

Abdul-Muhaymeen  Ismail

Abdul-Muhaymeen Ismail

Co-coordinator, PGS Careers

Ankita  Sengupta

Ankita Sengupta

Member, PGS Careers

Ata  Kapsal

Ata Kapsal

Member, PGS Careers

Hannah  Polloczek

Hannah Polloczek

Member, PGS Careers

Ronith  Gunani

Ronith Gunani

Member, PGS Careers

Neda  Jevtić

Neda Jevtić

Member, PGS Careers

Wirda  Savitri

Wirda Savitri

Member, PGS Careers

PGS Talks

Rodrigo  Cortellazzi Colonna Romano

Rodrigo Cortellazzi Colonna Romano

Co-Coordinator, PGS Talks

Aleksandra  Szlachcic

Aleksandra Szlachcic

Co-Coordinator, PGS Talks

Duc  Minh Le

Duc Minh Le

Member, PGS Talks

Patrícia  Jerónimo Morais

Patrícia Jerónimo Morais

Member. PGS Talks

Jana  Becker

Jana Becker

Member, PGS Talks

Nikunj  Sharma

Nikunj Sharma

Member, PGS Talks

Zhibek  Karim

Zhibek Karim

Member, PGS Talks

Michelle  Denise Pfeifer

Michelle Denise Pfeifer

Member, PGS Talks

PGS Ambassador Program

Rama  Alshudukhi

Rama Alshudukhi

Co-coordinator, PGS Ambassador Program

Alejandro  Bravo

Alejandro Bravo

Co-coordinator, PGS Ambassador Program

Alfonso  Egaña Olazabal

Alfonso Egaña Olazabal

Member, PGS Ambassador Program

Lisa  Maron

Lisa Maron

Member, PGS Ambassador Program

Gande  Bhavya

Gande Bhavya

Member, PGS Ambassador Program

Reeyaa  Agrawal

Reeyaa Agrawal

Member, PGS Ambassador Program

Kokoro  Araki

Kokoro Araki

Member, PGS Ambassador Program

Thokozani  Makuyana

Thokozani Makuyana

Member, PGS Ambassador Program

PGS Newsletter

Hasti  Trivedi

Hasti Trivedi

Co-Coordinator, PGS Newsletter

Pamela  Renee Gonzalez Estrella

Pamela Renee Gonzalez Estrella

Co-coordinator, PGS Newsletter

Yibrana  Nunez

Yibrana Nunez

Member, PGS Newsletter

Williams  Oluwatosin Adefila

Williams Oluwatosin Adefila

Member, PGS Newsletter

Koffi  Angaman Oswald Jaures

Koffi Angaman Oswald Jaures

Member, PGS Newsletter

Ayushman  Roy

Ayushman Roy

Member, PGS Newsletter

Sanskar  Gupta

Sanskar Gupta

Member, PGS Newsletter

Rahul  kt

Rahul kt

Member, PGS Newsletter

PGS Social Media

Javier  Royo Trallero

Javier Royo Trallero

Co-Coordinator, PGS Social Media

Pranjal  Maheshwari

Pranjal Maheshwari

Co-Coordinator, PGS Social Media

Saurabh  Shukla

Saurabh Shukla

Member, PGS Social Media

John  Joshua Abanador

John Joshua Abanador

Member, PGS Social Media

Marin  Crimsyn Winek

Marin Crimsyn Winek

Member, PGS Social Media

Neer  Soni

Neer Soni

Member, PGS Social Media


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