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IILM Second International Conference on “Responsible Management Education, Training and Practiceâ€

8 - 10 January 2015

IILM Institute for Higher Education will host its second international conference on “Responsible Management Education, Training and Practice”, in New Delhi, January 2015. The First International Conference on Responsible Management Education and Practice, in January 2014 set an important milestone in the journey of the IILM.

IILM is committed to the Principles of Responsible Management Education in letter and spirit. IILM’s Vision states “IILM will be a leader in values based management education and business focused research”.

Values that stand out are:

(a) A deep commitment to sustainable development and a green environment,
(b) An appreciation of the cultural heritage and socio-economic diversity of India.As an institute we hope to take the case of responsible management in business schools across India.

The conference format of combining research and practice was based on a strong belief that research as a standalone activity cannot add value unless it is blended with practice and flows into teaching and learning. The format for the second conference has been revised to have the research papers on Day 1. Day 2 and 3 of the Conference will focus on the action agenda.

The second conference will be held on 8-10th January 2015 and will focus on the Proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Global Compact.

For more information, see conference agenda here.

IILM Lodhi Road Campus, New Delhi