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Apply today to join the next cohort of the PRME Champions and contribute to thought and action leadership on responsible management education in the context of the United Nations sustainable development agenda!

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How Signatory Members Engage

Get Involved

PRME is a community of business and management schools that are committed to transforming business education in order to develop future business leaders so that they have the skills needed to advance sustainable development. Once business or management schools have joined PRME as Signatory Members, they have several opportunities to get involved:

  1. PRME Community: This is how we organize our Signatory Members. These groups are ongoing engagement opportunities for Signatories in which they can get involved with at any time.
  2. Special Projects: These are projects that dive into a specific area of responsible management education. They are offerings that may be time bound, depending on the projects partners and funding. Within these projects, there are a variety of ways for Signatories to get involved.
    1. The Impactful Five (i5) Project
  3. Current Offerings for Signatory Members: This includes exclusive offerings available to Signatories through our external partnerships as well as opportunities within the community. Examples can include book publishing, data access for research, award nominations, workshops etc.

PRME Community

This is how we organize our Signatory Members. These groups are ongoing engagement opportunities for Signatories in which they can get involved with at any time.

PRME Chapters

The 17 PRME Chapters help to advance the Six Principles within a particular geographic context, rooting PRME in different national, regional, cultural, and linguistic landscapes.

They function as platforms for localized engagement from higher education institutions, and in cooperation with Global Compact Local Networks, can develop projects and initiatives that support the Sustainable Development Goals regionally.

Through the PRME Chapters, Signatory Members are enabled to commune at a local level and make PRME activities contextually relevant.

PRME Working Groups

9 PRME Working Groups deepen collaboration in and across institutions on specific issues relevant to corporate sustainability and responsibility and related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They develop and publish resources relevant to increasing awareness around responsible management education and other thematic topics for business.

Through the PRME Working Groups, Signatory Members are enabled to further key thematic areas and increase impact of PRME.

PRME Champions

PRME Champions are a select group of high-engaging institutions that have radically transformed their curricula and research around the Six Principles. Their mission is to contribute to thought and action leadership on responsible management education in the context of the United Nations sustainable development agenda. They offer case studies of the challenges and opportunities of embracing institutional transformation, and provide a roadmap for other Signatory Members to follow.

Through the PRME Champions, Signatory Members are enabled to take a more active role in shaping and driving the PRME mission.

Student Engagement

Involving students and youth will be crucial to advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Today's youth will be the leaders of tomorrow, and their role will be pivotal in tackling the development challenges of the 21st century. PRME Global Students (PGS) is a student-run global movement that aims to co-create a space for fruitful and creative collaboration, collective reflection, and joyful interactions between and beyond student organizations in the realm of sustainable development.

Through the PRME Global Students (PGS), Signatory Members are enabled to empower sustainability-oriented student organizations.

The Impactful Five (i5) Project

The Impactful Five (i5): Learning in Leadership Education project is building on prior LEGO Foundation research and expertise to develop and pilot pedagogical approaches for holistic skill set development to help the next generation of leaders address sustainable development.

Through the i5 Project, Signatory Members are enabled to implement an innovative pedagogical approach in their classrooms.

Current Offerings for Signatory Members

This includes exclusive offerings available to Signatories through our external partnerships as well as opportunities within the community. Examples can include book publishing, data access for research, award nominations, workshops etc.

Applications to join PRME Global Students (PGS) leadership teams are open!

Timeline: Apply by 3 December 2023

PGS is looking for worldwide changemakers with an empathetic and proactive mindset in addressing sustainability who are willing to dedicate their energy and expertise to managing our impactful projects. We currently have two categories of volunteering positions available: PGS Regional Leaders (nine seats) and PGS Taskforce Members (numerous seats in five projects).

Important Dates:

  • Application opening: 7 November 2023

  • Application closing: 3 December 2023

  • Screening stage and interviews: 4 - 22 December 2023

  • Selected candidates announcement: early January 2024

We kindly ask for your support in spreading the word about these opportunities in your universities to ensure diverse, global representation in our talent pool! Use this social media toolkit of digital assets and messaging to promote the application through your communication channels.

Join the 2024–2025 Champions Cohort

Timeline: Apply by 5 December 2023

This year, PRME celebrates 10 years since the Champions Programme was launched in 2013 during the UN Global Compact’s Leaders Summit. The objective of this group has been to work collaboratively to develop and promote activities that address shared barriers for the PRME community and deliver value for businesses and society at large. Over the years, several institutions have participated in the group and developed different materials for the community, such as the SDG Integrations Repository, Climate Literacy Training for Business Schools, membership onboarding materials and more. The last few years have been especially important for the Champions Programme as they have served essential roles in piloting new PRME initiatives and serving as examples for other institutions.

After 10 years of learning from previous Champions cycles, the PRME Secretariat is excited to launch the 2024-2025 cycle. Participation in the Champions Programme generates opportunities to develop as an institution and raise its commitment to the Principles for Responsible Management Education to the next level. At the same time, the role of serving and supporting the development of our community is a key responsibility as a Champion for PRME.


  • Deadline for applications: 5 December 2023
  • Shortlist notification: 15 December 2023
  • Commitment letter deadline: 5 January 2024
  • New Champions Cycle official announcement: 7 January 2024
  • Onboarding meeting: 26 January 2024

2024 PRME Global Forum Call for Disciplinary Track Chairs

Timeline: Apply by 10 December 2023

In preparation for the 2024 PRME Global Forum, the Organizing Committee is seeking volunteers from the PRME community who are willing to lead the programming for the disciplinary tracks and organize the disciplinary-based PRME Faculty Awards. These Disciplinary Track Chairs will have an opportunity to help shape disciplinary knowledge and build faculty capabilities, by drawing in the best knowledge and experiences from around the world.

Important Dates:

  • Application deadline: 10 December at 11:59pm ET

  • Notification: Week commencing 9th January 2024

  • First meeting: Week commencing 23rd January 2024

From PRME and oikos: Apply for the 2024 LEAP Researchers Program

Timeline: Must join an info call before applying. Program runs March - December 2024.

This research cohort is a collaboration between PRME and oikos and aims to combat the skill set development gap that is present in the workforce due to current global challenges including social, economic, and ecological issues by shaping a new style of responsible leader who has the skills to lead more holistically.

The programme is aimed at Masters students, Ph.D. students, or postdoctoral researchers who address sustainability challenges in their research and/or teaching and have a high motivation to develop personally and professionally. Furthermore, this opportunity aims to seek out individuals with the intrinsic motivation to improve their own understanding of creativity and pedagogy towards the overall pursuit of sustainable development. The vision of an economic system that respects ecosystem limits and serves society should be close to participants’ minds and hearts. The majority of participants will have an economics and/or business background; however, participants from other fields are also welcome – diversity in knowledge and experience has been highly appreciated by the previous participants. Therefore, we open the programme to participants from other disciplines and to more senior participants. Participation is free of charge.

Every participant who successfully completes the program will receive the LEAP Researchers Certificate, in collaboration with PRME and the Impactful Five (i5) project.

PRME World Tour

The ‘PRME World Tour Research Paper Development Program’ offers to PRME Regional Chapters one research paper development workshop during 2022-2024 invited by the PRME Secretariat and co-organized with the PRME World Tour Organizing Committee and the PRME Regional Chapters. We invite clusters of 2-3 smaller PRME Regional Chapters to apply for co-hosting a workshop and larger PRME Regional Chapters to apply for hosting a workshop alone.

The PRME World Tour Research Paper Development Program is made possible by the generous partnership with two of the world’s leading international journals in the responsible management and business-in-society field: Business & Society and Journal of Business Ethics. The PRME World Tour Research Paper Development’s Organizing Committee is chaired by a former co-editor of Business & Society and has senior scholars from both journals with research experience from different world geographies. Each workshop will be organized with one or more PRME representatives from the region. Each workshop is open for engaging with senior scholars and mentors from other relevant journals.

Upcoming workshops:

22 February, 2024 - Latin America & the Caribbean

Routledge Call for Book Proposals

Timeline: Accepting proposals on a rolling basis

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and Routledge have partnered to produce a ground-breaking book series, focusing on responsible management education and its application in practice. The Editorial Board is currently accepting proposals.