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International Institute In Geneva (IIG)

Status Communicating Signatory
Type of Organization Business School or Department
Parent Organization
Location GENEVA , Switzerland
Website https://www.iig.ch/en-en
Member Since 02 November 2023

The International Institute in Geneva is a non-profit Swiss Foundation of Higher Education. Its governance is registered in a Charter which is approved by the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs.

The International Institute in Geneva in a non-profit institution of higher education, which provides quality education and research for student success in business and international careers, striving for a just and sustainable society.

The International Institute in Geneva is committed to integrate the digital transformation of the economy and society into our academic curriculum and to support our mission in developing tomorrow’s global leaders.

As a Swiss foundation of higher education, the Institute has reached international academic standards by achieving dual European and American accreditation and ranked among the best business schools in Switzerland. The Alumni spans over one hundred countries representing a unique opportunity for students to participate in a global network.

The Institute offers a range of bachelor and master programs in Business Administration, International Relations, Digital Media and Computer Science. All undergraduate students have the opportunity to graduate with two degrees from the International Institute in Geneva and the University of Plymouth (UK) and giving them a competitive edge in the labor market. Graduate students have the choice of a double degree with Boston University (USA) or University of Plymouth.

The International Institute in Geneva continues to develop its network with educational partners around the world. The students now have the opportunity to select among twenty-four exchange programs with universities located in over eighteen countries and to spend a term or a year abroad and immerse themselves in a different culture.