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How Signatory Members Engage

Ongoing Engagement Opportunities

PRME Chapters

18 regional PRME Chapters help to advance the Six Principles within a particular geographic context, rooting PRME in different national, regional, cultural and linguistic landscapes. Chapters have their own governance, and align themselves with their respective Global Compact Local Networks to collaborate on a variety of locally-adapted programs and projects.

Through the PRME Chapters, Signatory Members are enabled to commune at a local level and make PRME activities contextually relevant.

PRME Working Groups

8 issue-area collaborations of faculty, industry experts, business leaders and students explore a range of topics and their implications for responsible management education. PRME Working Groups produce cutting-edge research into important topics that permeate higher education, with some participants authoring feature publications and books.

Through the PRME Working Groups, Signatory Members are enabled to further key thematic areas and increase impact of PRME.

PRME Champions

Signatories are guided by examples from the PRME Champions — a select group of high-performing institutions that have radically transformed their curricula and research around the Six Principles. They offer case studies of the challenges and opportunities of embracing institutional transformation, and provide a roadmap for other signatories to follow.

Through the PRME Champions, Signatory Members are enabled to take a more active role in shaping and driving the PRME mission.

Student Engagement

Involving students and youth will be crucial to advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Today's youth will be the leaders of tomorrow, and their role will be pivotal in tackling the development challenges of the 21st century. Business students in particular will be key to addressing these challenges through their involvement in the private sector. PRME Global Students (PGS) is a global platform for fruitful and creative collaboration, collective reflection, and joyful interactions between and beyond student organizations in the realm of responsible management education and sustainable development.

Through the PRME Global Students (PGS), Signatory Members are enabled to empower sustainability-oriented student organizations.

Special Projects & Platforms

The Impactful Five (i5) Project

The Impactful Five (i5): Learning in Leadership Education project is building on prior LEGO Foundation research and expertise to develop and pilot pedagogical approaches for holistic skill set development to help the next generation of leaders address sustainable development.

Through the i5 Project, Signatory Members are enabled to implement an innovative pedagogical approach in their classrooms.

PRME Commons and SIP Reporting

The PRME Commons is a novel and multi-level technological platform that aims to facilitate global knowledge exchange among business schools, focusing on responsible leadership and sustainable practices. The platform seeks to transition from traditional economic shareholder approaches to more inclusive stakeholder models, with societal betterment as the ultimate goal.

The PRME Commons has six objectives spread across three layers. In the first layer, it serves as a self-reporting database for PRME Signatories to track their progress and share evidence of their evolution from first to second-generation responsible management education through the PRME Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) Reporting. The second layer focuses on resource sharing, expanding the repository to include data from beyond PRME Signatories and forming alliances with data providers. This layer aims to curate content and develop narratives and metrics of progress.

The third layer emphasizes advancing systemic change in responsible management and education on a global scale. It provides institutional profiles of PRME signatories and showcases their efforts and progress. Additionally, it offers community statistics and qualitative narrative data to monitor and promote responsible management practices.

The PRME Commons will be live in 2024.

Through PRME Commons, Signatory Members are enabled to self-evaluate their progress in implementing the Principles, communicate their sustainability journey, and connect with other Signatories.

PRME Global Forum

The Global Forum originated in 2008 as an event intended to bring together all of PRME’s stakeholders in discussion about the latest innovations and challenges in responsible management education and accelerate the positive impact responsible management and business education can make on the leaders of tomorrow.

Through the PRME Global Forum, Signatory Members are enabled to immerse in thought-provoking discussions and connect with the latest insights and strategies in responsible management education.