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Transforming Education Summit - Transformative Pedagogies for Innovative Leadership Skills in Private Sector

PRME and the UN Global Compact have been invited to mobilize the private sector to engage in the upcoming Transforming Education Summit (TES), ahead of the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

To address the global gap in educational leadership to meet the world’s needs for private sector contributions to address the SDGs, this panel will draw on the United Nations Global Compact’s comprehensive worldwide programme focusing on transforming pedagogies in HEI education for the private sector. While a number of other global programs have emphasized the much-needed curriculum change, the UN Global Compact program emphasizes the undervalued and much-needed pedagogical innovation, entrepreneurship, and experimentation required from HEI teachers to help advance students beyond the cognitive education to also include socio-emotional training, critical thinking, and analysis as well as interdisciplinary collaboration with a societal purpose and impact. This panel will discuss how such a program best includes design, execution, and assessment frameworks of innovative and experimental learning whilst recognizing new roles and pathways for HEI educators and respecting geographical, social, and cultural differences across the globe.