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PRME Chapter Middle East

PRME Chapter MENA 9th Annual Forum & 2022 Conference

PRME Chapter MENA 9th Regional Forum and Conference

Welcome to PRME Chapter MENA 9th Annual Forum & 2022 Conference

Connecting ideas to create real change through SDG partnerships. Ahead of COP28, businesses are increasingly expected to collaborate with other institutions from public, private, education and non-governmental organizations.

SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals is a key SDG that enables the implementation of all SDGs. Achieving the goals Partnership requires a nexus approach to understand and develop methodologies for change. Businesses, governments and institutions will need to undergo systemic changes beyond the limitations of individual organizations or industries by removing their jurisdictional boundaries that resonates especially with SDG 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. This will require higher levels of partnership focusing on linking the implementations of SDGs and engaging with all the stakeholders. The level of partnership and integration is expected to grow as we face unprecedented challenges.

A Nexus Approach For The SDGs: Interlinkages between the goals and targets

Please join us from March 22nd – 24th for the 9th PRME Regional Forum and Conference on the De Montfort University Dubai Campus and online and on March 24th at 14:00pm onwards for a Gala Session at the Dubai Expo, UK Pavilion.

For more information and registration visit: PRME Regional Chapter MENA (unprme.me)