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oikos Winter School 2010 – beyond sustainability

Today’s societies are facing immense social, economical and ecological challenges. Meetings on this ‘global crisis of many facets’ are numerous, and even more possible answers are being put forward. One concept appears to offer broad solutions: sustainability. However, while organic champagne pops at receptions, there are still human beings starving in many countries of the world. It is this area of tension, namely between a growing understanding of the need for sustainable development, and the seeming impossibility to implement it on a global scale.

The challenge now is to rethink pressing problems of today and tomorrow on an economical and cultural, on a global and at the same time regional scale. Sustainability is thus not a mere add-on but rather a dialogue of cultures leading towards a conscious reflection and finally to a more sustainable composure: beyond sustainability.

The Winter School 2010 aims to provide a platform to enter into a critical dialogue between culture and economics reaching beyond sustainability. During one week of inspiring workshops, intensive debates, inter-cultural exchange and artistic interventions the participants will gain new skills that enable them to act as circulators and change agents for sustainable development in economics and culture.

Between November 7th and 13th 2010 the oikos Winter School "beyond sustainability" welcomes 25-30 highly engaged students and young professionals from all over the world on the beautiful campus of Witten/Herdecke University.

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