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Academy of Management Conference, Symposium on “Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Development: SEEDâ„¢ing the Principles for Responsible Management Educationâ€

Chicago, USA. Saint Louis University • Aim: There are those in the Academy that have initiated a process of critical, objective self reflection. One tangible outcome of that “look in the mirror” is the Principles of Responsible Management Education, or PRME. This symposium will discuss how one signatory university has operationalized the Principles for Responsible Management Education. The Principles of Responsible Management Education act as the organizing framework for all SEED™ Institute programming. Each initiative has a direct link to one or more of the Principles. Simply put, the actions undertaken as part of the SEED™ Institute address the Principles. The Symposium will include a presentation on the background and current status of the PRME initiative, including the action items generated from the 1st Global Forum on PRME at the United Nations in December 2008. An overview of the SEED™ Institute (Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business) and the specific programs will then be presented, with the link to the Principles clearly illustrated. Each of the panelists will be given time to discuss their role in supporting and executing selected SEED™ Institute programs. • Type of participants envisioned: participants in the AOM Conference. • Coordination: Timothy Keane, Saint Louis University (tkeane@slu.edu)

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