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4th IILM International Conference on “Sustainability and Innovation: Key Drivers of Responsible Managementâ€

It gives me great pleasure to bring to your attention that the IILM Institute for Higher Education is deeply committed to the “Principles of Responsible Management Education” (PRME) in both letter and spirit. IILM’s vision states that “IILM will be a leader in values-based management education and business focused research”.

As an Institute, we are committed to take the case for responsible management to educational institutions and corporates across South Asia and beyond. It is in recognition of this deep and abiding commitment that we have been chosen by the U.N Global Compact as a PRME Champion Business school – only one of two in India and one of three in Asia.

IILM’s first International Conference on Responsible Management Education and Practice was organised in January 2014, the second in January 2015 and the third in January 2016. Taken together, they set key milestones in the journey of IILM along this vitally important path.

In continuation of, and consistent with, our efforts to focus on responsible management and its contribution to the achievement of global sustainability goals, we will be organising the 4th IILM International Conference on “Sustainability and Innovation: Key Drivers of Responsible Management” from 9-11 February 2017.

The conference is an engagement opportunity to talk about achievements, identify meaningful solutions that will allow us in becoming incubators of innovation on SDG progress. The conference is structured around six key sessions as attached in the detailed agenda.

Knowing how much you and your nation are committed and aligned to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and their being achieved within the time frame of 2030, we take the opportunity to invite you at our Fourth PRME International Conference, 2017.