Frequently Asked Questions


# When is the 2024 PRME Global Forum happening?

The 2024 PRME Global Forum takes place virtually on 18 June 2024. Following the "chasing the sun" method in order to reach our global community, PRME will offer programming broken down as such (all times in Eastern Time):

# How much does the 2024 PRME Global Forum cost?

Registration is free for Signatory Members and $150 for non-Signatory Members.


# How do I join the event?

Register on Zoom events.

# I'm a Signatory Member but I don't see the free ticket option.

Please be sure you use an email address with your institution’s domain name to access the free ticket for Signatory Members. If you still can't access the free ticket, please contact us at

The Program

# Will there be virtual side events or opportunities to network with other participants?

There will be a space in the virtual platform for attendees to network with one another, as well as dedicated sessions for networking during the in-person program.

# Will all the sessions be recorded?

All sessions except the breakouts will be recorded and uploaded to PRME’s Youtube Channel shortly after the event.

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