2022 virtual PRME

Global Forum

3 June 2022



2022 PRME Global Forum 3 June

01:00 AM-01:10 AM EDT


Opening Plenary (Eastern Hemisphere): Toward the next 15 Years: The Role for PRME in Challenging Times

01:10 AM-01:55 AM EDT


Multi-Stakeholder Panel: Collaboration and Climate

The challenges presented by greater expectations from society on matters of social responsibility and sustainability create an even greater imperative for collaboration. Responsible business has a key role in collaborating with others to address the grand challenges of our times through novel approaches to systemic issues. This panel discusses various approaches to meeting the challenges of climate.

01:55 AM-02:00 AM EDT


Break and Networking

02:00 AM-02:15 AM EDT


Keynote: "The Purpose-Driven University: How students are pushing us to do better"

02:15 AM-03:00 AM EDT


Session 1: Indigenous Communities and Responsible Management Education: Opportunities and Challenges

What is the role of business education in supporting self-determination for indigenous communities? In this session, we hear from Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics about opportunities for positive social impact and reconciliation with Indigenous communities within and through business schools.

02:15 AM-03:00 AM EDT


Session 2: Leading Practices in the PRME Community: Eastern Hemisphere (presented by PRME Chapters): Innovation in Curriculum: Pedagogies and Impact

Showcasing leading practices in our chapters allows us to listen and learn from the work of other business schools. Sharing information goes to the heart of the PRME mission which aims to foster collaboration on common aspirations and create collective impact. This session considers different approaches to impactful and innovative pedagogies in Business Schools according to use cases across PRME Chapters.

02:15 AM-03:00 AM EDT


Session 3: PRME Global Students (PGS) - A Year of Driving Global Cooperation Among Students

Launched at the 2021 Virtual PRME Global Forum, the PRME Global Students (PGS) movement commemorates its first anniversary. The panel will celebrate all PGS achievements in the past year by describing the progress of all seven projects implemented by the PGS Global Taskforces, recognizing the efforts of the PGS Regional Leaders in building our network by and for students in all continents, and welcoming the new team for the 2022-23 cycle.

02:15 AM-03:00 AM EDT


Session 4: Business Schools and Planetary Boundaries

The anthropocene is not a word that comes up very often in business conversations. But there is no doubt about the importance of the new era in which the business finds itself. How business schools navigate teaching about the limits to growth that recognise global planetary boundaries is the focus of this session.

03:00 AM-03:15 AM EDT


Break & Networking

03:15 AM-04:00 AM EDT


Session 1: The Role for Business in Addressing Conflict and Shaping Peace

The recent PRME statement on the war in Ukraine, and the subsequent Call-to-Action for the community, spoke to the mission of the United Nations. This session will discuss the role that business and management education have to play in addressing conflict and advancing peace.

03:15 AM-04:00 AM EDT


Session 2: Social Entrepreneurship for Change

Social entrepreneurship is a mechanism for social change. This session considers the journey and challenges facing social entrepreneurs in facilitating positive change and in redefining what success looks like.

03:15 AM-04:00 AM EDT


Session 3: Practicing Inclusion

Inclusion is increasingly important for business schools. But how do business schools embed inclusivity in an authentic and transparent way? This session considers different approaches to inclusive business education with case examples.

03:15 AM-04:00 AM EDT


Session 4: Measuring for Social Impact

Measuring social impact is a developing area for business and business school. This session considers some of the opportunities and challenges in the approach to measurement of SDGs and social impact. This session highlights developments and provides examples of social impact measurement in business.

04:00 AM-04:20 AM EDT


Closing Plenary (Eastern Hemisphere): Rethinking Social Impact: Leadership in Uncertain Times

08:00 AM-08:20 AM EDT


Opening Plenary (Western Hemisphere)

08:20 AM-08:30 AM EDT


Keynote: "PRME: The Last 15 Years and The Next 15 Years"

08:30 AM-09:15 AM EDT


Panel: Innovative Pedagogies for Faculty in Challenging Times

Every day, current events are proving that Responsible Management Education is key to addressing ever-shifting global challenges. In this panel, Deans will discuss what it takes to educate the responsible leaders of tomorrow and equip them with the mind and skillset to act in challenging times.

09:15 AM-10:00 AM EDT


Partnerships for Social Impact

Looking back on 15 years of transforming responsible management education, this session will build on lessons learned to set the compass for the next 15 years and announce the launch of strategic partnerships and exciting initiatives.

10:00 AM-10:15 AM EDT


Break & Networking

Have a cup of coffee, network with participants and meet our great sponsors at the Expo.

10:15 AM-10:30 AM EDT


Keynote: "Civically Engaged Institutions: Harness the Power of Universities to Advance Sustainable Citizenship"

10:30 AM-10:45 AM EDT


Positive Impact Rating for Business Schools: Launch of the 2022 Edition

Led by international student organizations, the Positive Impact Rating (PIR) captures the student voice in each school in order to foster collaboration, inspire deep change at business schools and steer away from competitive traditional ratings and ranking. Join the launch of the 2022 PIR Report and learn more about some of leading schools driving positive societal change as perceived by their students.

10:45 AM-11:00 AM EDT


ESG in action with business simulations

Cesim helps educators improve student engagement and employability with a portfolio of fun, easy-to-use simulations. With fully integrated ESG decisions, students can incorporate sustainable development goals into their strategy while improving financial performance and delivering value for all stakeholders.

11:00 AM-11:45 AM EDT


Session 1: Best Practices in the PRME Community: Western Hemisphere (by PRME Chapter Chairs)

PRME Chapter Chairs will share their local success stories - what they do best and how their models can be an inspiration for the wider PRME community. PRME Chapter UK & Ireland, PRME Chapter Brazil, PRME Chapter France Benelux, PRME Chapter Africa will connect in this space to highlight innovative pedagogy competitions, strategic partnerships and activities with UN Global Compact, and Global North-Global South collaborations.

11:00 AM-11:45 AM EDT


Session 2: Accelerating the Shift in Academic Business School Research: Towards Impact and the United Nations SDGs

Traditionally, highly valued management research has focused almost exclusively on conventional notions of quality–publication in a narrow list of so-called ‘top journals’ with high citation frequency scores governed by a small number of b-schools. This presentation explores how academic research–and the business academia ecosystem that supports it—can and must be transformed in order to make a positive impact on global challenges addressed by the SDGs. With contributions from a former business school dean, sustainability scholar, and SDG Impact Intensity creator, this presentation offers both a compelling critique of and concrete solutions to these challenges we face.

11:00 AM-11:45 AM EDT


Session 3: Futureproofing the PRME SIP Reporting Rationale to Support Collective Transformative Impact

This session will will inform you on the progress of the SIP Impact Sub-Committee, and will present and explain the design principles and the unique concept of a Global SIP Impact Commons Platform. The Sub-Committee will share how the Open Science values inspired us for this design and will provide an overview on the results of ongoing PRME community consultations, as well as present an exciting new partnership for the development of the new platform.

11:00 AM-11:45 AM EDT


Session 4: Incorporating Sustainability into the Business School Curriculum: Sustainable Finance, Human Rights and Gender Equality

Business schools are starting to integrate responsible business issues into the curricula as there is greater demand from employers, students and faculty members for management education that moves beyond the traditional shareholder maximization model. Sustainable finance, business and human rights and gender equality are key ESG issues that have received growing importance. In this session, faculty leaders share the key achievements, challenges, best practices and future of integrating business and human rights, sustainable finance and gender equality into the business school curricula.

11:45 AM-12:00 PM EDT


Break & Networking

12:00 PM-12:15 PM EDT


Keynote: "The Future of Management Education: New Pedagogies for New Leaders"

12:15 PM-01:00 PM EDT


(i5) Workshop: New Pedagogies for New Leaders

In this collaborative workshop, participants will learn about the (i5) program, through experience and examples that illustrate why it is essential.

01:00 PM-01:45 PM EDT


Session 1: Integrating the SDGs in Curriculum, Research and Partnerships

The Blueprint for SDG Integration, developed by the PRME Champions, is a step-by-step guide for business schools on their journey to integrating the SDGs into curriculum, research and partnerships. Join this session to learn more about the Blueprint and discuss good practices and approaches to SDG integration.

01:00 PM-01:45 PM EDT


Session 2: Connecting Leading Youth Networks to Drive Global Systemic Change

Youth-led networks take purposeful action to transform today’s world for the betterment of tomorrow’s society. This session aims to get impactful youth networks around the world together to discuss how structured cooperation is a mark of youth agency and a driving force to lead our global society towards systemic change in the next 15 years.

01:00 PM-01:45 PM EDT


Session 3: The Leadership skill gap: are we doing enough?

There is growing demand in organizations for leaders with holistic and cross-cutting skillsets to address complex global problems, achieve the SDGs and deliver societal impact. The need for these skills and competences has become even more urgent in the context of the crises of COVID-19, climate change and digital disruption. Business schools have a unique opportunity to cultivate a new type of responsible leader with the skills the world urgently needs. In this session, leading representatives from industry, consulting companies and the UN Global Compact will provide fresh perspectives on the leadership skill gap and how business schools can contribute to addressing it.

01:00 PM-01:45 PM EDT


Session 4: Humanizing Business Education

Our world is hungry for business education that engages today’s leaders and prepares tomorrow’s leaders to create a world that works for 100% of humanity. There is a growing recognition among business school faculty for the need to leverage each other’s insights to teach differently. Business school professors have the opportunity to not just impart knowledge to students but to engage students in practical applications of that knowledge and to alter their mindsets and perceptions of the world.

01:45 PM-02:00 PM EDT


Break & Networking

02:00 PM-02:15 PM EDT


Keynote: "Global Needs for Youth Leadership Education"

02:15 PM-02:45 PM EDT


SIP, Faculty, and Student Awards Ceremony

The PRME Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) Reports are central to the commitment of PRME Signatory Members to uphold and advance the PRME mission. SIP Awards have become a tradition at the PRME Global Forum and are intended to spotlight significant achievements in reporting progress on the Six Principles.

To recognize achievements of students and faculty who have done inspiring and impactful work on the SDGs and the Six Principles, the PRME Recognition Awards are set in place for both the Faculty and Student categories.

02:45 PM-03:25 PM EDT


Conversation with the Board: Sharing a Strategic Vision for PRME

The 2022 PRME Global Forum will mark the second anniversary of the PRME Board. Over the last two years, the Board has taken a number of key decisions that are currently shaping the course of the PRME initiative. Through one-on-one conversations with the Head of PRME, four Board Members will share their strategic vision and discuss the global impact they hope to achieve together for the years to come.

03:25 PM-03:30 PM EDT


Closing Plenary

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