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The role and purpose of business in society: issues and challenges for corporate and Global governance

Barcelona, Spain Deadline for Submissions: Friday, May 29. The European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS) is pleased to launch the Call for Contributions for its 8th Annual Colloquium at IESE Business School. The Full Call and the Submission Guidelines can be downloaded from http://www.eabis.org/colloquium/eabis-colloquium-2009.html. The current financial crisis has highlighted deep flaws in past approaches to the governance of the firm and of economic systems. This year’s Colloquium will therefore focus on the governance of the firm, in the context of new global governance challenges. We have particular interest in contributions adressing the questions how the role of business in society is likely to change and to what extent governance mechanisms can foster corporate responsibility at the global, company and individual levels. We are seeking contributions that present new research insights and ideas, business responses, and forward-looking thought leadership. EABIS and IESE value multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary inputs from Corporate Governance, Public Affairs, Organisational Behaviour, HRM, Operations Management, Value Creation, Strategic Management, Accounting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship, International Relations and Global Governance, Political Economy. The Colloquium will bring together over 300 senior academics, executives, policy thinkers and policy makers, plus international and non-governmental representatives. More information is available at www.iese.edu/eabis2009. For further information, please contact: Prof. Joan Fontrodona, Colloquium Co-Chair, at fontrodona@iese.edu.

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