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10th GRLI General Assembly

It is a great pleasure to invite you to join us for the 10th General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia, 28th February - 4th March 2011 themed: Globally Responsible Leadership for Sustainability and Climate Change. Our partnership of action and learning continues to be a driving force for the development of a next generation of globally responsible leaders. We are now a community of nearly 70 companies and learning organisations and our numbers continue to grow as we seek out and act on lever points, which unlock systemic change. Early bird registration ends on 25th December 2010, so we strongly encourage you to r egister early to confirm your attendance.

Against this background, we are pleased to offer a full programme, which we anticipate will make the trip to Australia of great value:

Monday 28 February
A choice of:
an Academic Symposium on Responsible Leadership: an opportunity to both present and discover insights into globally responsible leadership. more details available here
a Workshop on Global Responsibility: John Alexander (Centre for Creative Leadership) and Uwe Steinwender (Daimler) will lead a workshop which enables participants to deepen their understanding of global responsibility and engage with it practically. more details available here

Tuesday 1 March
Business Forum on Leadership for Sustainability and Climate Change - the forum, a partnership between La Trobe University, GRLI, the United Nations Global Compact Australia Network, The Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability in Victoria and the Community for Melbourne, has a strong programme with a strong line-up of contributors in sessions which will cover public policy, business practice, scenarios for the future and leadership development. The forum will host the global launch of the United Nations Principles for Social Investment, get a preview of Paul Gilding's new book The Great Disruption, and in addition an exciting line-up of thought leaders with practical insights, including perspectives from Australian business leaders. more details available here

Wednesday 2 - Friday 4 March
The GRLI's 10th General Assembly (see here) will feature:

  • Opportunities to learn from each other on what is working (and not working) in terms of our organisation's efforts to develop a next generation of globally responsible leaders;
  • The assessment and finalization of the first report on the blueprint of the Business School of the future (SB 21);
  • The launch of Indicators of Global Responsibility;
  • The presentation of the winning project of the GRLI/Net Impact Globally Responsible Leadership competition;
  • A dinner and evening of conversation with Australian business leaders;
  • Progress reports, reviews and an opportunity to engage on other GRLI projects, such as research into the corporation of the 21st Century.

And then why not stay in Australia afterwards to experience the country? We have partnered with Australian Coastal Mountain Tours to give you a great experience.

With our host La Trobe University, supported by co-sponsors National Australia Bank, Griffith University and Macquarie Graduate School of Management, we look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne.