PRME Regional Meetings

PRME Regional Meetings are designed to complement the global events, issue-area working groups, and other activities of the initiative. These meetings have been bringing the PRME community together since 2010, when the first PRME regional meeting emerged from calls to develop a more localised approach to sustainability and responsible management education in the Asian region. This successful meeting led to the emergence of meetings in other parts of the world to better provide a regional context to the Principles of PRME.

We encourage you to learn more about hosting one of these events and see sample planning materials below:

The PRME Secretariat will support these meetings by:

  • Providing intellectual input into the design of these events
  • Ensuring their alignment with the PRME initiative
  • Granting the use of the PRME logo, name and brand affiliation to the event
  • Appointing PRME representatives to participate in the event
  • Establishing links between the PRME initiative and other networks and associations

Past Regional Meetings

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