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Maastricht School of Management Signatory Netherlands 2018View Report
MSM PRME Responsible Management Report 2017-2018: Maastricht School of Management (MSM) has continued, since its
previous PRME report two years ago, to invest in its role as Advanced
Signatory of the UN initiative, Principles for Responsible Management
Education (PRME). This report highlights the continued advancements and highlights that MSM has implemented with regards to the achieving of the SDGs and providing sustainable and responsible management education to all its stakeholders.
Maastricht School of Management Signatory Netherlands 2016View Report
Responsible Management Education at MSM: Our mission is to provide education and research for ethical management, inspiring leadership, innovative entrepreneurship and effective public policy, building on our unique history in working together with institutions in emerging economies for better global management.
Maastricht School of Management Signatory Netherlands 2014View Report
PRME report 2014: This is an updated version of MSM's SIP report. We included the latest developments in the areas curriculum development, partner acquistion and partnerships, as well as new research developments.
Maastricht School of Management Signatory Netherlands 2012View Report
Maastricht School of Management: At the Maastricht School of Management we gladly subscribe to the Principles of Responsible Management Education. As a school that is primarily active in developing and emerging economies, embedding these principles in our master and doctoral program as well as our research, executive programs and consultancy projects is almost self-evident. Knowledge of CSR and sustainability are especially important for managers who take leadership positions in these economies.

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