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Details for Asociacion Espanola de Representantes de Escuelas de Direccion de Empresas AEEDE

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Associaction of Business Schools

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Madrid, Madrid, Spain


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30 Sep 2014

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Achievements in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Historically schools AEEDE are linked to business which promotes the ability to configure programs that reflect the demands of companies, this is reflected in the new training programs that impart Schools AEEDE have incorporated their offer courses Sustainable Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility and give greater importance to these values in the MBA. The leadership that the economy and companies have in the world today has forced strengthen and broaden responsibility for the social aspects. The consequences for the global humanity from corporate activities are so important, that in all purely business decision must take into account the effects it can produce and make these decisions with a global view beneficial to society. Only this comprehensive consideration can now practice ethical leadership of the company to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
Most schools AEEDE are members of the Global Compact Deusto Business School EADA School Senior Management and Administration, EAE Business School, ESADE Business School, ESIC Business & Marketing School, EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial, IE Business School, IESE Business School being is a practical framework for the development, implementation and disclosure of sustainability policies.
Today, business schools are involved in a wide range of social issues, from corporate responsibility to the markets of the base of the pyramid, through socially responsible investing and the constant emergence of new concepts.

After years in this transformation process, AEEDE schools still maintain and renew its commitment to society, backed by two decades of work towards progress in areas such as ethics, social responsibility, sustainable development, protection environmental and diversity management.

Platform for interaction and exchange of knowledge in which teachers, students, alumni and renowned professionals can pool different perspectives and approaches to multidimensional value (economic, social and environmental) are created.
The creation of a new business, ethical and economically sustainable culture is sought. A new model that will meet the extreme demands that the international economic situation undergoes the welfare society.
The object of the Association through their schools is to train the best leaders in the field of management of the company. In a world of continuous technological advances and great openness and interconnectedness of economies this mission requires an ongoing commitment to innovation in our training programs. This capacity for innovation is indisputably linked to the faculty of knowledge generation by our academic community, our Faculty. Therefore, the research activities within schools are particularly relevant. Our goal in the area of research is ambitious: to present and publish our research in the forums and make that research is useful to the business community

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