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Fort Wayne, IN, United States


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23 Sep 2014

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Achievements in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our approach to professional development encompasses Assessments, Methodology, Education, and Certification. Our focus on sustainable practices serves to stimulate current established change delivery practices with an increased awareness of the eco-environmental, financial, and societal impacts that change initiatives have.

As members and contributors to the United Nations Global Compact, our commitment to global citizenship is embodied through our efforts to help individuals and organizations realize their full potential and contribute to a healthy economy with a commitment to environmental and social stewardship.

Our curriculum centers around the UN Global Compact Ten Principles and the new Post 2015 Business Engagement Architecture and is being delivered in several Universities around the world and through professional training organizations spanning 140 countries and six languages.

Our University Partner Program agreement requires adherence to the six PRME principles and UNGC ten principles.

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