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Riverside, IL, United States


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18 Oct 2012

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Achievements in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We are currently collaborating with other universities to implement or supplement their management programs with socially responsible competencies and methods, including international sustainable development, good governance and anti-corruption, human security and anti-human trafficking. We will continue to do so by offering stand alone professional management trainings in line with the UNGC principles and that can be integrated and adapted by our academic partners in their management programs.

The WEInstitute has training curricula for the following fields. We offer these primarily through our partnering academic institutions and as professional trainings (CPE) for international public service managers and other international development professionals.
- Intercultural Management and Partnership Mgt
- Good Governance Ethical Leadership and anti-corruption
- Gender justice and transitional justice
- Court Administration and Management

We are in the process of formulating new graduate degree programs on Sustainable Human Security in collaboration with some of our academic partners. Our associates are professors in various academic institutions worldwide and their research, teaching and engagement is clearly in line with sustainable development. Some of our board members ans associates are CEO is major corporations engaged in the process of international development. Their affiliations with us makes them partnering with other sectors and processes leading their contracting and project plans toward social accountability and human security.

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