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Glendale, AZ, United States


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22 Feb 2012

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Achievements in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Oath Project was founded to change the way business leaders, the academic institutions that prepare them, and the organizations they serve, think about the true responsibilities and reach of management. Using a “Hippocratic oath for business” as a foundation for transformational change, The Oath Project aims to provide the tools necessary to integrate the concepts of professional conduct and social responsibility into the culture, core values, and day-to-day operations of both academic institutions and corporations.

The Oath provides an avenue for individuals to personally commit to the values set forth by the UNGC, PRME, and many forward thinking organizations. The oath brings together the power of personal accountability and the support of a like-minded professional community to help spread the mission of its many founding partners—including Net Impact, PRME, UNGC, the World Economic Forum and the Aspen Institute—for a more just and sustainable world.

In addition to the work being done to implement the oath at business schools across the globe, we are working on developing a voluntary certification model (think Project Management), refining a values framework and curriculum centered on the oath, piloting a professional development tool centered on the oath, and have partnered with Giving Voice to Values to pilot a course that gives students and young professionals practical tools to act on the values of responsible management. We hope to work with PRME and the UNGC to integrate the oath into the Rio +20 meeting, and are working with CGI on a commitment centered on encouraging schools and corporations to act responsibly.

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