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09 Feb 2009

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04 Jun 2018

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Period Covered: Jun 2016 to May 2018

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our primary – but not only – method of engaging with students is through teaching. Here, we strongly believe in the combination of both specialized and non-specialized delivery for sustainability-related content. For instance, we have both specialist sustainability degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in particular through our BSc Management with Sustainability, and our joint program with the Department of Geography MSc Sustainability & Management. Since a specialization in sustainability does not suit everyone, we also seek to embed sustainability as individual courses within wider degree programs. Here, we are delighted to have added a number of sustainability-related subjects in the last couple of years. Moreover, in addition to teaching full courses on PRME-related subjects, we are proud that topics such as ethics, responsibility and sustainability have been integrated into many non-specialized courses. This further shows our mission to prepare our students to become responsible leaders for society.
Our key achievements are:
- Introduction of a new mandatory 3rd year Undergraduate Course on Responsible Management
- Overhaul of the Sustainability pathway in the BSc Management
- 8 mandatory undergraduate courses address sustainability, responsibility, or ethics
- Use of various teaching techniques such as lobbying simulations, climate change negotiations, ethical tribunals, debates, case studies or kinesthetic methods
- Recognition of Teaching Excellence through internal teaching awards
- Support of our students in their extra-curricular activities as part of the Royal Holloway Sustainability Society and the Royal Holloway Enactus Group

- Further develop our specialized and non-specialized courses on responsible management
- Further strengthen our MSc Sustainability and Management
- - Introduce further action and experiential learning based activities into our sustainability teaching

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The School of Management inaugurated a dedicated interdisciplinary Centre for Research into Sustainability (CRIS) in 2004. Since then, CRIS has steadily grown in size and output. The Centre currently has 21 faculty members from the School of Management and Department of Geography, 15 PhD students and three permanent visiting Professors. It actively conducts an interdisciplinary program of research across the School of Management and other Faculties at Royal Holloway.
We are particularly proud of the achievements we have made towards creating better research output on sustainability topics, enhancing the research environment as well as creating partnerships for research:
Our key achievements since 2014 are:
- Co-organization of two Research Council funded seminar series
- 6 Research seminars with external speakers
- 2 sustainability Master Classes with distinguished speakers Prof. Andrew Crane and Prof. Mette Morsing
- 2 Annual PhD conferences
- Introduction of a formalized sustainability PhD program
- Publication of 84 journal articles, 29 book chapters, and 6 books
- Start of the development of a more formal partnership with the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) at Nottingham University
- Establishment of partnerships with practice: Growing from our collaboration with the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, the organization which oversaw sustainability at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are proud to have a long term partnership with the award winning Supply Chain Sustainability School.

In the future, we aim to further strengthen our research output as well as our research environment. Specifically, we aim to:
- Enhance research exchange amongst CRIS members
- Further strengthen our Sustainability PhD program
- Increase our Research Impact through partnership and collaborations with external stakeholders

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