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01 Apr 2008

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29 May 2018

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

CENTRUM Catolica has incorporated business social responsibility content into all its courses (MBA programs and Executive Education), including:

- Ethical analysis of business
- Corporate governance
- Development of organizational culture guided by social values
- Design and implementation of strategic plans that ensure competitiveness and sustainability of business and the development of business models aimed at the base of the pyramid.

Case studies and literature covering topics of ethics, social responsibility and environment stewardship are used throughout its academic programs. Students are encouraged to use topics of social impact in their thesis work and proposed cases.

CENTRUM Catolica's MBA core curriculum contains a full-term required course called "Ethics and Social Responsibility." The main objective of the course is to provide participants with knowledge of the principles and strategic management tools of business social responsibility for proper and effective decision making. It also seeks to reflect on business decisions from the perspective of ethics and social responsibility.

Our ultimate goal is to have a range of postgraduate educational and research programs that create synergies and so, contribute decisively to the formation of a new corporate culture that, hand in hand with business social responsibility and environmental protection, contribute to concrete actions toward the achievement of sustainable development.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Through the Center of Social Responsibility, CENTRUM Católica seeks to create knowledge and develop corporate social responsibility among the various industrial sectors and companies in Peru. Specific areas of research include the analysis of progress in BSR by industry, the relation between BSR and competitiveness by industry, management practices of Peruvian companies, BSR activities by foreign companies with operations in Peru, business design for the base of the pyramid, competitiveness and design of agro-businesses, and BSR in Peruvian companies.

Furthermore, CENTRUM Catolica has developed a Corporative Reputation Index (IRCA) to measure social responsibility levels among Peruvian companies, a study in Peru, Colombia, the United States and Spain to evaluate the impact of social responsibility on products and develop a set of best strategies for the product or target market, a study to identify 100 companies located in Peru and their performance in social responsibility practices, as well as strategic plans for Peru's different regions to help the local governments develop in sustainable, socially responsible ways.



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