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Corporate University

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Technical, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Executive


Medellin, La Candelaria, Colombia


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26 Feb 2018

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Letter of ​Commitment (2018)

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The development of corporative social responsibility as a tool for the transformation of the social context, is a task that requires efforts from different fronts. Therefore, the University Corporation, from its policy of inclusion, has foreseen the development of pedagogical practice as an effective tool that generates a link between the productive sector and academic programs, with a strong orientation: The achievement of the application of knowledge to the service, productivity and business competitiveness.

In this way, the institution has set in motion different tools that allow the relationship with the business sector from the academy; where students, teachers and researchers permanently seek to transfer knowledge to solve the problems of organizations, as a way of integrating the study plans in a direct responsibility exercise that leads to higher levels of sustainability.

With this approach, the institution seeks through adhesion to PRME, consolidate its good practices and adopt new tools from the experience of other institutions, which favor the construction of scenarios of corporate social responsibility applied in the curricula with a practical orientation before the sensitivity of the problems and opportunities of the organizations in Colombia.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The institution has conceived from the transfer of knowledge, an important possibility when generating synergy between the different actors of society. From this point of view, it has strengthened the capacity of its research groups with the aim of promoting applied research. Thus, it has developed transfer processes with the private sector from the engineering and administrative sciences areas to improve the organizational productivity.

Similarly, the university has proposed itself to strengthen relations with the State based on the strengthening of capacities for the promotion of Science, technology and innovation. In this way, it has developed processes of open innovation with government entities, within the framework of the University Social Responsibility Model (RSU) created by the institution, whose main purpose is to strengthen the social structure with the aim of contributing to the construction of a more just, equitable and inclusive society.

From the research, the institution seeks through the adhesion to PRME, strengthening ties of cooperation with other institutions, in addition to strengthening the knowledge and practice with which it currently has about scientific and applied research, with the aim of putting it at the service of organizations and the environment.

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