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Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China


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12 Jan 2018

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03 Jan 2019

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Period Covered: Jan 2015 to Jun 2018

Located in western China, upholding the mission "to develop leaders with global perspective, local commitment and social responsibility for western China and beyond", the strategies of “school enhancement by talent, internationalization and school culture building”, School of Management, Lanzhou University (LUSM) is commit itself to make our world a better place through integrated educational programs, concrete quality system and diversified stakeholders into interactions.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Founded in 1909 in the less developed north-western region of China, Lanzhou University (LZU) is one of the national key universities supported by its “985” project, “211 project”, and “double first rate” initiative of Ministry of Education. Inheriting the spirit of “constantly improving, blazing our own path” to serve for the social and economical development of western China, its School of Management (LUSM) was officially established in May 2004. Although the modernization process of Gansu and northwestern China is lagging behind its eastern and coastal regions, with the spirit of cooperation, innovation, proactiveness and responsibility, LUSM has made outstanding contributions to the regional economic and social development.

--LUSM believes that managers without leadership skills can achieve nothing, and without social responsibility, they will lose sight in the pursuit of gains. Thus, education of leadership and social responsibility is always underlined in its programs by integrating professionalism, morality, and social responsibility into the entire education progress. By strengthening both quality and awareness, LUSM has combined inheritance of history and culture, abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship. And its students are recognized as having “solid theoretical foundation, development potential, hardworking and honesty”. After a decade’s efforts of LUSM, the management discipline and management education has seen breaking-through progress, where the school now enjoys the reputation as the “cradle of high-level management talents and scholars in western china.

--Adhering to the mission of serving the local development, and having international accreditation as opportunity, LUSM has been engaged in continuous improvement of all aspects of the school as well as all its educational programs. Through all the efforts and measures taken in regard to governance, program and education progress management, the school has made remarkable progress in its ability to serve the local community, and in the improvement of the quality, competitiveness and student growth of its programs. The school has assorted channels and measures to ensure the continuous improvement of its curriculum for each program, and these have been regulated by rules such as teaching quality evaluation, course development, quality improvement, and dissertation evaluation.

--LUSM has a complete program portfolio with undergraduate, post-graduate (academic and professional) as well as doctorate programs. Adhering to the principal of “humanist education and professors’ governance”, LUSM has produced a large quantity of high quality talents, enjoying first rank in the higher education in China.

--Based on its departments, research institutes, and programs, LUSM is providing diversified academic interactions and activities for its faculty, students, staff, alumni and practitioners so as to create a sound environment of teaching and learning. These platforms and activities include: university student projects of innovation and entrepreneurship (success plan), academic activity month, academic seminars, workshops, and etc. Meanwhile, LUSM provides EDP education. For the last two years, more than 2000 students have been trained. These programs have rigorous teaching and learning requirement, and the delivery modes include lectures, case study, in-company projects, and visits, etc.

Plan to achieve:
After 13 years of development, LUSM is facing changes of external opportunities and threats. And for the future, the school’s transformation from an outstanding school to an excellent school is even more difficult. As a responsible business school, LUSM has made all these achievements by integrating the idea into the mission “To develop leaders with global perspective, LUSM has local commitment and social responsibility for western China and beyond”. LUSM will make itself an example to continue to carry out sustainable development and responsibility education through the fulfillment of the mission.
In order to achieve these ideals, we have set goals and made corresponding practical measures:

Continuously improve educational quality
Strengthen students’ quality of leadership and social responsibility
Innovate education management mode and mechanism

To develop curriculum of competitiveness rooted in western China with optimized course structure and appropriate assessment system
To change delivery mode in line with best international practice by introducing modernized course management system, and by encouraging Mooc, on-line open course, micro course and reversed classroom for better learning effectiveness and experience
To consolidate the construction of basic academic organizations, and to promote faculty team building for pedagogy research, teaching awards and new course development
To improve the management of students’ extracurricular research projects (Success Project) for better effect

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

For LUSM, the maintenance of its close connection to business world and stakeholders is one of key measures to realize its mission. For this, the school has established diversified channels at different levels to maintain this close relation. Through activities such as academic month, success plan, and supervisor plan, as well as assorted academic lectures, seminars and international conferences, and by the innovation of cooperation platforms such as integrated management service platform, internship base, Lanzhou Summit Forum, the school has diversified channels for faculty-student interaction, engagement and connection to business.

--Centered on the key issues of management practice and local development, the faculty of LUSM has taken the lead in China in several fields of business administration and public administration. 8 featured high-level research directions have been formed now at LUSM, each of which is supported with not only national level research grants and high-level publications, but also with consultation projects for private and public organizations. This has demonstrated the efforts of LUSM to apply high-level management research into practice and to serve the local development with a global perspective. With stakeholders’ help and support, LUSM has upgraded its brand in assorted MBA activities, and has strengthened its influence in its region to serve the local community. The school is now leading the professional education in region. To benefit the other institutions in the region, LZU has hosted MBA Faculty Enhancement Workshop for two times, organized the First MPA Forum in Northwestern China. And LUSM was the founder of MPA Education Alliance for Northwestern China and of One Belt One Road Business School Deans Forum. As a new way of bridging university, government and firms, Lanzhou Summit Forum has been successfully held since 2014, with series research reports of influence published each year. The event has acquired extensive media coverage from Xinhua News Agency, China news, and other major media, and is attended by more than 300 decision-makers of the region.

--In addition, by adhering to its mission to serve the local development, and benefiting from its alumni network of professional programs, LUSM has provided service to government, company and assorted organizations in Gansu, and other regions and provinces as well. These services, characterized by diversified cooperation mode, long-term service mechanism and remarkable economical benefits, have covered a large number of fields such as manufacturing industry’s transformation, creative art industry development, minority business growth, exhibition industry development, Silk Road tourism cooperation.

Plan to achieve:
“To become a leading research-orientated management school of distinctiveness, inclusiveness and openness.” Adhering to LZU’s spirit of “constantly improving, blazing our own path” and to her ideas of “springing from western China, striving for a top university”, and with an open and positive attitude of distinguishing herself from others while including all, LUSM aims to become, by the year of 2025, the most important intellectual hub of high-level managerial talent training, cross-discipline research and integrative social service, through her innovative research rooted in western China with a global vision and the enhancement of her ability to serve the regional development and business civilization advancement.
In order to realize the vision, LUSM has made:

Improve school’s competence in coping with complicated management problems and in transforming research outcome into application
Promote assorted social activities for social harmony, environmental protection and sustainable development
Strengthen service to and interaction with alumni, strategic partners, employers and other stakeholders’ of business education

To strengthen the functions of “Belt and Road” Dean’s Forum, and MBA and MPA Education Alliances
To continue the construction of Integrated Management Service Platform (IMSP) by providing management consultancy
To enhance the impact of social activities like Lanzhou Summit Forum by publishing research reports of regional and industrial development
To strengthen EDP program, making it a high-end training hub for the region

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