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Corporate University

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Undergraduate, Executive

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Telfort Education Group


Shanghai, China


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12 Jan 2018

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Institute has more than 10 institute centres in different universities and colleges in China, and is responsible to provide three year associate degree programme curriculum to all centres, the subjects include business and management, arts and education. The syllabuses meet requirement and standards from the Ministry of Education China and degree programmes in number of universities in UK, USA and Canada. The programme includes not only knowledge on responsibility and sustainability but also how to apply the knowledge in different disciplines, related cases are involved to help students to develop real ability. Number of Telfort partner non-Chinese universities are PRME members as well, such as Glasgow Caledonian, and discussions on how to develop responsibility and sustainability in teaching and learning have been conducted.

The Institute also offers own students and students from partner universities to visit different industries and undertaking real projects to ensure students manage to apply the knowledge in work. Some of our students in Beijing also participate "Beijing International Model United Nations"

Also applying PRME is also for joining different subject groups to learn how other universities are developing syllabuses with social responsibility and sustainability

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Telfort conducts two types of research: 1) programme and curriculum development; 2) Teaching methods development; 3) And now has started working with industry to conduct research on responsible management

1) programme and curriculum development. Faculties in Telfort work with colleagues from partner universities and companies to design and update curriculum regularly. Building cutting edge knowledge and contemporary issues from industry into teaching plan
2)Apart from continuing research on programme content development, research on improving teaching methods is also the focus, such as online technology, man-machine interaction and VR
3) As student research activities, Telfort organises students to work with partner companies to conduct research on responsible management

Telfort has also joint UNGC which gives platform to contact more companies, this will help us to extend our current industry related research and the outcome will benefit to both our staff and students as well as the participating companies.

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