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Business School

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Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral, Executive


Rennes, France


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22 Sep 2017

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12 Mar 2019

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Period Covered: Sep 2017 to Aug 2018

Rennes SB educates and trains students and managers to be ready for tomorrow’s world.The school makes a day-by-day commitment to fully incorporate globality, sustainable development and societal responsibility into all aspects of its operations.
Its international dimension, teaching and learning expertise, relying on the
values of commitment,social responsibility, intercultural sensitivity and
research themes, prepare responsible managers to perform in a global

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Rennes School of Business makes a day-by-day commitment to fully incorporate sustainable development and societal responsibility into all aspects of its operations.
Since 2011, the school’s ethical charter has included a section dedicated to environmental responsibility designed to promote all measures aimed at raising awareness and knowledge of waste and recycling management, energy saving, and environmentally-friendly purchasing practices. Rennes School of Business is also taking corresponding action and seeking to nurture a societal spirit within the institution via a series of measures:
• Creation of a “Green School” taskforce with the remit to facilitate all joint initiatives undertaken by staff, faculty and students
• Accomplishment of the “Plan Vert” targets stipulated by the Grenelle Act via use of the Evaddes online self-assessment tool
• Incorporation of an obligatory Corporate Social Responsibility course into all programmes
• Creation and implementation of a Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Eco Innovation
• Opening in 2007 of a Responsible Business Research Centre dedicated to research activity
• Support for the Ter’n’Co student association (supply of ÉcoCup beakers for student evening events, organisation of “Sustainable Development Day”, promotion of car-sharing scheme, participation in Green School taskforce….)
• Societal responsibility-related measures, namely the Rennes School of Business “Opera” scheme (guidance and promotion of excellence and success through academic support) designed to make academically-gifted high school pupils from deprived areas aware of higher education opportunities and set up a significant scholarship scheme
• publication of a good-practice guide for the School's community

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Responsible Business Research Centre of Rennes School of Business engage research in four domains:

- Corporate social responsibility research: This research domain reflects the core concepts, theories and practices of responsible business. In this context the why and how as well as the effects of societal responsibility is studied.
- Organisational behaviour research: Research has demonstrated that the study and understanding of how to embed CSR into routine organisational practices is key to successful creation, implementation and maintenance of ethical climates and cultures in organisations.
- Network and partnership research: Business and society faces a number of complex environmental and social problems—sometimes called wicked problems which can only be tackled through collaboration. We study the different forms and processes of these collaborations as well as their performance in addressing wicked problems successfully.
- Marketing and communications research: Sustainable consumption results from a complex interplay between consumers and business. We research what makes consumers change consumptions patterns towards more socially and environmentally sound products and services. Further, we study how companies enable this change process with innovative products, services and business models.

Partners and collaborators of current and past projects :Bertelsmann Stiftung,
CELTYS, CANON, Le Cercle d’Éthique des Affaires, Diana Naturalis, European Business Ethics Network (EBEN), Sustainability Centres Community

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