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24 Dec 2008

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29 Jun 2018

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Sustainability and Ethical Leadership Report - View Report

Period Covered: Jan 2016 to Dec 2017

This report captures some of the Haskayne School of Business’s many accomplishments & highlights from 2016 and 2017. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary we are proud of our record as recognized leaders in research, education, and organizational practices related to corporate social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability. On the solid foundations of our 2011 Strategic Plan focused on energy, entrepreneurship and ethical leadership, our bold 2025 strategic plan is a renewed commitment to advance PRME.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

All Haskayne MBA students are required to take a course in the Global Environment of Business emphasizing ethics and decision-making as well as issues in corporate social responsibility. This course culminates in student presentations and a conference on stakeholders and sustainability.

Environmental/social issues management have been integrated into the core and disciplinary courses of the MBA. Specialized MBA courses such as ‘Managing Environmental and Social Issues in the Global Marketplace,’ ‘Strategies for Sustainable Development,’ ‘Evaluating Environmental Performance,’ ‘Indigenous People In Sustainability,’ are offered as electives. ‘Rediscovering Leadership: The Haskayne Wilderness Retreat’ is an experiential MBA course conducted at the University of Calgary’s research field station in the nearby Rocky Mountain wilderness and features sessions with native elders…

Since 1994 an MBA specialization has been offered in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. This was revised in 2004 as a specialization in Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development (GEMS). Since 1996 an MSc. in Sustainable Energy Development for Latin America has been offered in Quito Ecuador and a Canadian version was launched in Calgary in 2008.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary is closely linked to the global resource-based industries headquartered in western Canada, namely energy, mining, forestry, agribusiness and tourism. These industries were among the first to experience societal demands for sustainable development. Consequently, the Haskayne School has played a pioneering role in integrating the management of environmental and social issues in to the MBA curriculum.

Since 1994 the Haskayne School has presented a popular monthly Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development Public Seminar Series featuring expert speakers drawn from academia, industry, government and NGO’s locally, nationally and internationally. This speaker program is well attended by MBA students as well as by industry, government agency and NGO personnel from ‘downtown’, providing an ideal forum for discussion of sustainable development issues. Haskayne MBA student and alumni conferences regularly feature panels or speakers on sustainable development, managing environmental/social issues, or corporate social responsibility.

Due to the unique focus of its MBA and MSc programs, the Haskayne School of Business has developed many original conceptual and case teaching materials dealing with resource industries and sustainability in an international context. In 2001, the Institute for Resource Industries and Sustainability Studies (IRIS) was established in the Haskayne School to fill this need. The Institute, now funded by industry and federal granting agencies, houses a group of business school faculty from various disciplines and a group of Ph.D. students focused on resources industries and sustainable development management.

The Haskayne School is a founding member of the University of Calgary’s interdisciplinary Institute for Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (ISEEE). Dr. Harrie Vredenburg is a Haskayne Professor of Strategic Management and holds the Suncor Energy Chair in Competitive Strategy and Sustainable Development. Dr Frances Bowen is Associate Professor and Director of IRIS.

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