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Period Covered: Jan 2015 to Dec 2016

For 10 years, TBS began integrating principles of CSR and SD by working in collaboration with students, teachers, administration, associations and companies.
This continuous improvement approach is deployed through 5 axes: Governance, Teaching and programs, Research, Ecological campus management and Social policy & territorial anchorage. Thanks to actions carried out both on academic issues and its internal functioning, our school is about to receive the “Label DD&RS”.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

In 2006, TBS began its work on integrating corporate social responsibility and sustainable development: in its curriculum and research activities, and, in the functioning of the school and campus management. In the framework of TBS governance, a Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, including the Director of the Group, professors, students, Financial Management, the Director of Communication, and the Director of Development, meets between two and four times a year.
The aim of this committee is to examine TBS’s policies in sustainable development and social and community responsibility, to put forward proposals, and to prepare annual reports on the subject, particularly as part of the “Plan Vert” initiative of the CGE-CPU, and Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

- Conferences on worldwide social and environmental challenges.
- A 15-hour module on CSR.
- A “Sustainable Development” day as part of first year students’ activities for the National Student Conference on Sustainable Development, conferences, a company eco-forum, and eco-awards.
- 35 to 50 hours of civic service for each student throughout the year.
- A consideration of company approaches to CSR and SD integrated into internship reports since 2007.

In third year, the Sustainable Business occupational option (taught in English) promotes sustainable development as a management tool or a method to improve interactions between economic development and the environment.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

A chair in CSR implies different companies. The partnership with GrDF and Fidal mainly revolves around the National Student Conference on Sustainable Development, the 8th edition of which was organized in April 2014. The partnership with la Poste concerns TBS’s community initiatives.

More than 15 professors are working on research subjects directly related to questions of social responsibility. Certain research projects are directly related to CSR-SD topics and are organized in partnership with regional or European companies: the SEARRCH project (Sustainability Engineering Assessment Research for Recycled Composites with High value), and the New Business Models project.

Major events were organized by Research Department on diversity, CSR and vulnerable workers.

TBS regularly works in partnership with AFNOR, the Club des Dirigeants Durable Midi-Pyrénées, the ARPE (Regional agency for sustainable development), MOUVES (Movement of social entrepreneurs), CHEDD Midi-Pyrénées (Higher studies in SD created by TBS, the University of Toulouse 1, INP-ENSAT, National Meteorological School, Ecole des Mines-Albi). TBS organized many events with these institutions in 2012-2014.

The CSR-SD approach is now eight years old. It is becoming part of our institution and we hope to successfully implement it throughout the organization, with the help of student associations, a project team with area experts, and CSR-SD leaders.

We intend to strengthen the National Student Conference on Sustainable Development that we have organized for the last eight years. It is a truly innovative learning tool, and the 2015 conference will focus on New Business Models.
Lastly, we know that we still have much to accomplish in the ecological management of our campuses and we will pursue our efforts for continuous improvements.

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