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19 May 2017

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Since constitution in 1985, the University has graduated a significant number of students. Through its holistic approaches in a variety of subject areas it has strongly concentrated on elements of sustainability, ethics and moral, whether in business, medical or engineering education.
Collaboration with first tier Universities, e.g., the University of Erlangen, Germany, or the International University of Georgia, EurAka University has concentrated on research for many years, widely interrupting its reaching activities. However, since 2015, EurAka University has decided that its research success has to be shared, especially by educating responsible and thoughtful managers. This strategic decision guided EurAka University to open its new campus facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. Especially the Dutch Campus delivers studies for global students. EurAka University has no full-time students, since it delivers its studies in other countries. Emphasis is on developing countries. As for many candidates studies in Europe are too expensive, EurAka University has decided to deliver its studies directly, e.g., in African and Asian countries making them more accessible and affordable. E.g., presently this is practised in collaboration with the semi-public ASMARA Institute in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI). ESAMI presently has a good number of active EurAka PhD students, while ASMARA mainly attracts DBA and business Master's students. The Romanian Banking Association decides soon about the adoption of EurAka Postgraduate studies for its staff, in which corporate behaviour and responsibility for the financial industry is a key component. This offers opportunities to be awarded with an officially recognised European degree, otherwise not affordable for many of these students. EurAka believes in global Higher Education and wants to contribute to it. All degrees significantly embed managerial responsibility for sustainability and coroporate ethics.
As well, two of the University's permanent Visiting Professors are deeply involved in studying and delivering corporate social responsibility: Prof Joop Remme, Board Member of the Dutch Section of Transparency International, and Prof Andre de Waal doing his EurAka University's PhD habil. thesis in the field of High Performance Organisations with particular emphasis on sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The EurAka research has achieved significant results. In 2016, it received substantial research funds from the German Government for research within Germany's Industry 4.0 project. But that is just one aspect. EurAka's research is further focused on renewable energy for which it has achieved significant impact regarding renewable energy, in particular in the field of hydrogen energy. That also is the interface of collaboration with major corporations, like STEAG AG, Germany.
These achievements also led to consultancy in wich the EurAka University was and still is a lead consultant to industries in many countries.
Both, research on sustainable energy development and teaching - here in particular in business and management - are part of EurAka University's efforts to improve ethics and moral with reference to acting managers and students as future managers.

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