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08 Aug 2016

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04 Apr 2018

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Period Covered: Jun 2016 to Dec 2017

Sakarya Business School PRME Progress Report summarizes our efforts to integrate PRME values into our teaching programs and activities. As can be seen from our report, our teaching programs include courses on sustainability, social responsibility, environment & ethics; moreover, academic studies and projects are being carried out in these subjects. In addition, our students create value for society by carrying out social responsibility activities within the scope of community activities.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Faculty of Management does not offer Executive Education. Other related points are summarized as follows:
Mission and Vision Statements Referencing to Global Perspective and Universal Values
Both Sakarya University and the Faculty of Management encourage cultural differences in education and global perspective. The Sakarya University clearly attribute to the global perspective and universal values by declaring its mission as “To educate entrepreneurs who contribute to the commonly shared core values of humanity and to produce information, technology and service with universal appeal.” and vision "“To become a university that shapes the future of its stakeholders both in Turkey and in the world by means of its universally accepted information and technology produced.”
In the same way, the engagement referenced in the mission of the Faculty of Management; "commitment universal principles" and "educating individuals who have high sense of responsibility, critical thinking skills, ability of problem solving, open-mindedness' and the engagement referenced in the vision of the faculty; "to raise students enterpreneurs who act with the idea of creating social benefit" constitute the basis of practices related to global look and organizational and social responsibility. Departments in the Faculty of Management also refer to their social and organizational responsibilities in their mission and vision.
Student Mobility for Understanding Cultural Differences and for Developing Global Perspective
Sakarya University is one of the leading universities to provide opportunities to communicate with other cultures for both its own students and for those who are from different cultures. So The Faculty of Management take the student mobility as an opportunity for understanding different cultures and for developing a global perspective in both at the university and in the environment they perform.
Student mobility of The Faculty is realized within the frame of the following applications:
a.International students are admitted to the institutions of higher education in Turkey on condition that applicants fulfill the requirements for student admission, determined by the relevant institution of higher education and approved by the Council of Higher Education. Please click here for more information about Study in Turkey,
c.Farabi: The aim of the programme is to provide students and lecturers the opportunity to pursue their learning and teaching activities in another higher education institution in Turkey,
d.Mevlana: This program which is similar to Erasmus, but differs from other programs by its non-discriminative structure to any geographical region and including all the higher education institutions throughout the world.
Furthermore, “From the University to Market Representative” (UPEP) Project has been developed by the Department of International Trade to enhance the interaction between students of Faculty of Management and foreign students. Foreign students who study at The Sakarya University, have an opportunity to do internship in enterprises that affiliated to Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Satso).
Interaction of Academics From Different Cultures for Understanding Cultural Differences and Developing Global Perspective
In accordance with the general policy of Sakarya University, Faculty of Management puts emphasis on the mobility of lecturers and administrative staff. This mobility can be classified as the following titles:
1. Mobility of lecturers within the scope of exchange programmes
2. Employement of foreign lecturers
3. Going abroad through Commission of Scientific Research Projects.
In addition to these, Sakarya University has approved the condition of being abroad for a certain time period for academics to be promoted by publishing “Criteria for Being Promoted to Faculty Membership and Appointment"
Furthermore, professionals and lecturers from other universities are also invited to the department to give lectures so that students get different perspectives. Faculty members also provide education and counseling services outside of the university. In this regard, number of participants who were invited to the Faculty between January 2012 and June 2014 were 35 (13 of Tourism,15 of HRM and 7 of International Trade).
Lecturers are from different expertise areas in The Faculty of Management.
Faculty of Management also cooperate with other foreign universities for a global perspective. For example currently the cooperation with the universities from Great Britain, Azerbaijan and Macedonia have been developed.
Elective Courses For Developing Global Perspective
In addition to the compulsory courses, there are many elective courses in Faculty of Management. As a result of opportunity of choosing elective course as many as possible and keeping elective course broader, students at Faculty of Management may select among 63 elective courses out of 497 courses.
The Structure of Population Faculty of Management Serves
The Faculty of Management serves to many internal stakeholder including about 6000 students and 116 faculties.
The Faculty that has almost equivalent number of female and male students and they are from 124 different domestic and foreign birthplaces. A great deal of students are from the Marmara Region, especially from ─░stanbul. When the data are taken into account (excluding the students coming from abroad), a majority of the students who study in The Faculty of Management come from the region where the university locates in, most of them are in appropriate age group for the college education and their families comprise of low and middle income groups by their socioeconomic circumstances.
Contribution to Underserved Groups Institutionally
Within the frame of national regulations and the supports provided by The Sakarya University; various opportunities are offered to students who have a low income level and those are disabled. These opportunuties are explained below:
1. Higher Education Loan and Dormitories Institution (KYK), Scholarship,Education and Contribution Loans: Institution provides scholarship, education and contribution loan to students who are citizens of Republic of Turkey taking courses in domestic universities as well as providing scholarship/education loan to the students who study abroad.
2. Scholarships of Sakarya University: Sakarya University provides scholarship for its students under two titles and students of Faculty of Management take advantage of this opportunity.
a. Scholarship of Part-Time Working: Within the framework of methods and principles of part time working in higher education institutions, low-income and succesful students can work in administrative and academic posts in return for wage.
b. Lunch Scholarship by Rectorateship of Sakarya University: This is an opportunity provided for students who do not have a good financial status.
c. Furthermore, students who are in need were provided scholarship by the staff of Faculty of Management on the basis of individuals and departments.
3. Disabled Students’ Unit of Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Affairs’ provides service for disabled students in The Sakarya University. The purpose of this unit is to “identify the needs of students related to the areas of academic, administrative, physical, psychological, sheltering, social and to plan, implement, develop and evaluate the results of activities that have been conducted in order to meet those needs.” Also disabled students have priority for part time working.
Courses Given on the Responsibility in the Faculty of Management
Courses related to the social responsibility are given within different periods in various departments of Faculty of Management.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

In this context, the most important attempt of our faculty in 2016 is the formation of a Advisory Board including owners and managers of 30 local and national firms and 29 faculty. Duties and responsibilities of The Advisory Board are as follows:
• To plan and implement research and development activities and collaborate on commercializing the outputs with business world,
• To provide support and consultation to Faculty of Management regarding meeting the demands of business market,
• To assist to Faculty of Management for realizing its educational targets,
• To support the accreditation process of Faculty of Management,
• To find internship, mentorship and other opportunities for work experience as a part of education to increase abilities of the students with Faculty of Management,
• To strengthen the image of Faculty of Management in the society,
• To assist to organize meetings with business world managers and students/academicians via lectures in formal or informal environments,
• To provide new opportunities and new networks.
• To support to build stronger bridges between graduates and the business world,
• To give neccessary support to meet financial needs of education, research and service activities of Faculty of Management.

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