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08 Aug 2016

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11 Dec 2018

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

- Courses targeting ethics, responsibility and sustainability are integrated in programmes all across the portfolio.
- The ability to reflect on ethics and social responsibility are now dimensions of the learning goals system (assurance of learning) that has been worked on continuously since 2010. Students are thus monitored on their achievements within ERS as part of their overall learning process.
- Use of teaching methods such as dilemma training and a teaching tool pilot using film and simualtion in relevant courses, and actively integrating real life business cases and dilemmas in the teaching.
- We will make efforts in further development of existing reflection related goals, including defining and finding ways to cultivate the attitudes and values that should be associated with a candidate from BI.
- We will evaluate the way ethics can be integrated in courses and programmes, and continue to develop pedagogical methodology to advance learning outcome in this field.

(Please see our SIP 2016 for further detalis.)

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

- BI undertakes research of relevance to CSR, sustainability and ethics across disciplines. BI faculty interact with business and society through a wide variety of outreach activities, from the traditional scholarly engagements such as editorials and reviewer work to the more profession oriented such as consulting and media contributions. BI and BI faculty are involved in projects with companies, government authorities and NGO's in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Some research centres have activity of particular relevance:
- Centre for Corporate Responsibility was created in 2001 to promote sustainable development. It engages in research, teaching and active cooperation with other academic institutions, the business community, governmental bodies and NGOs.
- Centre for Green Growth works on climate issues in a holistic, multidisciplinary and long-term perspective. The Centre focuses on the possibilities to reduce climate gas emissions at the global, national, corporate and individual level.
- Centre for Risk and Insurance Research aims at initiating, coordinating and strengthening national and Nordic research within the fields of risk and insurance, including insurance ethics and governance.
- Centre for Corporate Communication has put CSR and communication on the agenda through multiple events, research projects and publications.
- Nordic Centre for Internet and Society focuses on the growing influence of digital technologies on the work force as well as on society as a whole, with projects such as "Fair Labor in the digitized economy" and seminars on digital rights.

BI’s ambition to have impact on and improve business practices demands strengthening the schools relationships with business communities and civil society. We will continue to develop close relations with partners and provide more opportunities to develop knowledge through both research cooperation and executive education. Going forward, BI will work on creating better arenas for interaction between faculty with an academic interest in CSR and business ethics.

(Please see our SIP 2016 for further details)

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