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Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral, Executive


San Diego, California, United States


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22 Feb 2016

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26 Jan 2018

Sharing Information on Progress (2018)

Continuation of the Adoption of the Principles for Responsible Management Education - View Report

Period Covered: Feb 2016 to Feb 2018

San Diego Global Knowledge University has prepared this SIP report to inform the public on our achievements in the past year and our future goals for promoting the PRME principles in our programs and courses and to all of our stakeholders in the global community.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our institution, San Diego Global Knowledge University (SDGKU), has achieved recognition by CONOCER (The national council for labor competencies in Mexico, a government agency under the Secretary of Public Education) as the only recognized certifier of "global competencies" in Mexico.

SDGKU is located in San Diego, United States, and provides its programs and courses to students from around the world. It is recognized in Mexico as the sole certifier of global competencies in that country because of the track record of many years of globally productive graduates, taught by subject matter experts in the field of global systems, with both academic and competency-based curricula that are designed by experienced program designers, and developed with best practice data extracted from a global community of practice, and published by internationally peer-reviewed journals. Global knowledge is inherently comprised of concepts such as corporate responsibility and sustainability, both of which are core concepts integrated into all of our programs and courses designed for executives and working professionals.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We have achieved a multi-year contract with the Federal Power Commission of Mexico (Commission Federal de Electricidad, CFE) to train and certify their employees in global competencies, including corporate responsibility and sustainability. CFE is the largest public utility in the Americas, with over 100,000 employees. They have recently been forced to adapt to new energy reform laws in Mexico, which are privatizing the energy sector, and obligating CFE to compete in the open market with other private energy companies. SDGKU has been at the forefront of preparing CFE's employees for this change (with graduates and students at all levels of the company, including the highest). SDGKU's curricula, focused on corporate responsibility and sustainability, is at the heart of CFE's change process. SDGKU has helped students from CFE develop research projects studying various aspects of the energy sector, all emphasized on making the company a more sustainability-driven enterprise. Last year alone, SDGKU has helped CFE employees develop over 300 new innovations through practical projects with an international, corporate responsibility, and/or sustainability component.

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