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11 Jan 2016

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11 Apr 2018

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Period Covered: Jan 2014 to Dec 2017

“Our core purpose is to engage in high quality internationally recognised research that sustains a challenging and rewarding learning experience for all our students, and contributes to our impact with organisations and communities”. This report captures the unique flavour of Keele, and our commitment to the Six Principles.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Developing a University that is environmentally aware, and has a sustainable outward-facing campus community, is one of Keele University’s core strategic aims and is at the heart of our Strategic Plan. Our strategic objectives are:

To demonstrate environmental sustainability through innovation, good practice and ethical choices in all our activities

To unlock the potential of the University Estate so that it underpins the attainment of our vision

To share and provide the University’s expertise in environment and sustainability to local, regional, national and international communities and partners

Keele Management School plays a key role in this by providing business and management education which is rooted in the understanding of principals of ethicality and corporate social responsibility.

This is done in a number of way but most clearly through our teaching and learning which integrated theme of corporate social responsibility throughout the curriculum with the aim of providing a provide critical understanding about the changing relationship between business and society in the context of globalisation. We provide a broad introduction to and an opportunity to deliberate upon some of the ethical challenges which firms encounter, and to examine the theoretical frameworks available in order to resolve or discuss these challenges.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our teaching is research informed and our researchers work with businesses to understand better the changing relationships between business corporations, society, natural environment and stakeholders in the context of a corporate governance agenda. Our research explores the impact and challenges posed by corporate social responsibility and accounting codes and conventions which corporations use as a management tool for corporate governance to ensure social and environmental sustainable development. Our work contributes to the theoretical frameworks available for making sense of the challenges faced by companies, and explores the insight these models provide for understanding this element of business behaviour.

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