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Business School

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Undergraduate, Post Graduate


Troyes, France


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10 Nov 2015

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10 Nov 2017

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Period Covered: Nov 2015 to Nov 2017

Ce rapport vise à relater la manière dont, depuis fin 2015, le Groupe ESC TROYES a progressé dans la réalisation de son ambition, à savoir « préparer de futurs acteurs responsables dans un monde globalisé » au travers d’une approche pédagogique multiforme soutenue par l’engagement de ses nombreux partenaires. Un focus marque la façon dont les actions entreprises abordent les ODD des Nations Unies.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Groupe ESC Troyes seeks through its teaching to train responsible managers, aware and involved in this creation process of sustainable value, through a renewed “sustainable” approach to the economy.

Our achievements:
- About a third of our students are social grant holders
- Groupe ESC Troyes has socio-professional programs, to help unemployed people find their way back to employment
- Groupe ESC Troyes manages two "Ecoles de la Seconde Chance" (second chance schools), which is an opportunity for young people who abandoned school to follow a practical and theoretical training to rehabilitate themselves socially and have a real chance at finding a job
- Some student associations focus on these fields
- Classes are taught on the subjects of ethics and company's social responsibility
- All students have to write a chapter on sustainable development and CSR in their internship reports and their suggestions in that regard for the company they interned for
- Teachers are all asked to integrate the issues of sustainability in their courses
- School actions and events are organized on these subjects (telethon, conferences, "Les Cordées de la Réussite", handi-day...)
- Students are required to raise and/or address the question of the challenges of sustainable development in their internship reports
- Privileged access to the Programme Grande Ecole for physically or mentally challenged applicants through "Passerelle Handicap", and for socially challenged applicants through "Passerelle Ascension sociale"
- Cultural diversity with an international mix of students
- Gender diversity with 66% of females in the student body in 2014/2015

Our intentions for the future:
- Creation of a Sustainable Development Club, open to students, teachers and staff, with the purpose of improving internal practices
- Creation of extended learning modules on those issues
- Multiplication of CSR and Sustainability-related events

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

- Publications on various themes over the past 5 years (environmental management practices by René DIAZ PICHARDO; CSR by Maria EABRASU, Anis CHTOUROU, Lova RAMBOARISON; gender diversity by Sabri BOUBAKER; sustainability by Wadid LAMINE; ethics by Marian EABRASU, Allane MADANAMOOTHOO
- Creation of a "Club Management" which brings together company executives and researchers to discuss issues which can spur new research topics

- Creation of summurized and popularized versions of publications on CSR/ethics/sustainability for companies

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