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15 Jun 2015

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11 Sep 2017

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability


1. Suite of undergraduate programmes focused on social and environmental responsibility
2. MSc in Sustainability & Management – one year transition degree where students can focus on sustainability (meaning social, ethical and environmental issues)
3. Marketing & Society core course on MSc in Marketing
4. Creation of a Business Ethics class as the Masters level that is core on the MSc in Sustainability & Management, and available as an option for the MSc in International Management.
5. A set of sustainability modules available as options to different degrees with some able to take all our sustainability related modules and some only able to take one.
6. Two full time & executive MBA module options focused on sustainability.
7. A small section of a core MBA course focused on corporate governance from a sustainability perspective.
8. Ad hoc placements relevant to sustainability

Planning to achieve:
To date our plans have been rather ad hoc and dependent on people with drive to create and deliver content related to sustainability. Our first goal will be to create a strategy that is agreed at school level to further systematize and integrate sustainability modules. As such, this MAY include:

1. Further work on a sustainability focused executive development offering
2. Making business ethics a core module on all degrees from the School of Management
3. Making sustainability modules more widely available to all degrees
4. Further work to recognize our own operational footprint and create measures to reduce this footprint (not necessarily teaching related but important none-the-less)
5. Improve the awareness of sustainability teaching externally
6. Improve access of students to sustainability related placements and information on sustainability careers

The specifics of what we plan to achieve are as yet unknown but this will be a starting point for discussion with the strategy development team.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

1. Dedicated sustainability research centre - Centre for Business, Organisations & Society
2. Wide range of faculty with at least some research interests in aspects of sustainability
3. Some long-term relationships with organisations focused on sustainability
4. Host world elite academics and engaged practitioners in our research and engagement activities

Planning to achieve
As with teaching, we have yet to develop a strategy on sustainability. It is much harder within the research domain as this needs to be based on the professional and expert judgement of the academics and their desired research areas. This needs to be discussed and while it is unclear whether this will make its way into a formal strategy, future activities MAY include:

1. More robust research ethics approval process
2. Improved networking across groups, and the university, to improve multidisciplinary thinking and potential for winning funding bids
3. Better integration with business community on sustainability issues
4. Better market our sustainability research externally to other academic and organisational audiences

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