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25 Oct 2013

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16 Apr 2018

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The University of Auckland Business School PRME SIP Report 206-2017 - View Report

Period Covered: Jan 2016 to Dec 2017

The world faces serious environmental and social challenges. We have a crucial role to play in enabling future generations to address these by preparing them with the knowledge and skills to be proactive in finding innovative solutions. The University of Auckland Business School is aware of the privilege and responsibilities with being a triple-accredited Business School and a signatory of PRME. We confirm our continuing commitment and effort to promote social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The University of Auckland Business School is keenly aware of its role as the ‘critic and conscience of society’, and takes seriously its responsibility in contributing to society, whether it is in developing relevant curricula to achieve entrepreneurial competency and integrity in a rapidly evolving global environment, engaging with the business world with which it has a powerful and symbiotic relationship, or participating in domestic and international communities demonstrating its sense of social responsibility and interconnectedness to the wider world. Practical concern for disadvantaged communities shows itself in special efforts to provide scholarships and directed academic support. Aspirations for sustainability and respect for diverse elements of the environment are addressed in teaching, research, international consultancy, and systems and structures.

Discussion of ethics, responsibility and sustainability is entrenched in a wide range of courses across the School’s programmes, undergraduate, postgraduate and executive as reflected in its graduate profiles. They are also themes that feature in our assurance of learning projects. In a practical context, students are made aware of these issues in terms of behaviour that is acceptable in the professional conduct of coursework, research, and community relations.

The Business School offers a large number of courses, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in executive education, that address fundamental issues of ethics, corporate responsibility and sustainability. Courses cover a wide range of topics, some explicitly on organisational ethics and sustainability, and numerous offerings in the areas of resource/energy/environmental/development economics and management in which corporate responsibility and sustainability are of fundamental importance.

In addition to formal classroom engagement with these issues, there are real world encounters through such executive programmes as the Global Executive Leadership Programme that has residential modules in Auckland, Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley. At all levels, courses benefit from participatory methodologies such as team-based learning and online learning that enable students to explore and debate the diversity and complexity of sustainability. The principles of responsibility and sustainable management are part of research currently being conducted in the School on productivity and sustainability which also informs the teaching programmes.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The University of Auckland Business School recently adopted a proposal for the introduction of strategic research themes that focus research on nationally and internationally significant issues and provide a platform for increasing international collaboration. One of these, Productivity and Sustainability, was identified as critical to the future competitiveness of New Zealand business in the global economy. Research projects on this theme focus on such issues and methodologies as: building and implementing sustainability modelling and reporting systems enabling the transformation of organisations and individuals; and focusing on the development of knowledge and practical artefacts to drive the understanding of the dynamics in supply chain management and the benefits it offers.

Active research groups within the Business School that are concerned with issues relating to responsibility and sustainability include: Energy Centre, Retirement Policy and Research Centre, Mira Szászy Research Centre for Māori and Pacific Economic Development, Accident Compensation Corporation Group, New Zealand Governance Centre, Family Business Research Group, and Sustainability Research Group.

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