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Technical, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral, Executive


Madrid, Madrid, Spain


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18 Oct 2013

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22 Dec 2017

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Sharing Information on Progress Report 2017 - Comillas Pontifical University - View Report

Period Covered: Jan 2016 to Dec 2017

Sharing Information on Progress Report 2017 from Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid - Spain).

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

1. There is a subject of Professional Ethics in all grades at the university, each of them recognised with a sum of credits.

2. At the Business School there are subjects on Business Ethics, for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

3. Moreover, in our Master on Research we also offer subjects on Ethics, CSR and Sustainability.

4. There are different chairs dedicated to a variety of ethical aspects and more specifically, there is one Chair in Economic and Business Ethics.
5. This Chair in Economic and Business Ethics enacts different research projects and other disseminating activities to foster teaching ethics among managers-to-be.
6. As an example, the Chair hosts a PhD Workshop oriented to Doctoral Students from Spain and Portugal whose thesis are focused in Businss Ethics, CSR, Good Governance and Sustainability.
7. For those faculty members of the university, there is a training program offering teaching skills for covering ethical aspects in subjects different from Ethics.
8. The University also Works with other Jesuit institutions in Spain, within the UNIJES group of Professional Ethics.
9. We take part in collaborative projects which aim is to foster Ethics, Sustainability and CSR among students. The two main partners for these projects are (i) within the Aristos Campus Mundus program that is being develop along with other Spanish academic schools, and (ii) with other Jesuit institutions from the IAJBS.
10. Our University also maintains relations with national and international organizations whose aim is to foster Ethics and CSR, such as EBEN, Foretica, AEDOS, Caux Round Table, among others.
11. Specialized media on the specified fields also have contact and collaborative projects with our instition. Specifically, “Media Responsable” and “Ethic: La vanguardia de la Sostenibilidad”.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

There is a Chair in Economic and Business Ethics that develops several research lines on the fields of Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship. Apart from the research itself, the Chair holds meetings, conferences and symposia on those fields. Business people, students, researchers, media professionals and NGO are normally participating on the events organized, sharing their experiences as researchers and practitioners.

The university has also signed an agreement with 2 other Spanish universities called 'Aristos Campus Mundus'. Aristos Campus Mundus 2015 (ACM 2015), committed to socially responsible and sustainable innovation, is the strategic aggregation of three universities with a social mission: University of Deusto, Comillas Pontifical University and Universitat Ramon Llull. It also includes an advanced strategic aggregation with the signing of a strategic cooperative agreement with Georgetown University, Boston College and Fordham University. Its aim is to foster excellence in academics and research while achieving full glocalisation of their university projects which call for a joint commitment to responsible and sustainable social innovation.

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