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14 Jun 2012

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21 Sep 2014

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Presidio Graduate School mission is to educate and inspire a new generation of skilled, visionary and enterprising leaders to transform business and public policy and create a more just, prosperous and sustainable world. Through innovative MBA and MPA programs that incorporate sustainable development principles into every course, Presidio activates students and professionals across a range of disciplines, industries and sectors to bridge the gap between commerce and the common good.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The School is founded on a fully integrated curriculum, incorporating sustainable development principles into all Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Administration courses. The 10 institutional learning objectives of the institution are entirely predicated on sustainable development. We offer world class MBA and MPA curricula with sustainable development at the core of our courses, and our experiential learning programs.

The Presidio Graduate School MBA and MPA are designed to prepare students as skilled and visionary managers with a commitment to sustainability who will assume leadership roles in any field or enterprise. Through coursework and experiential learning practicums, students put theory into practice in real world contexts, supported by a strong culture of peer and faculty critique, and personalized workplace experiences.

Our strategy for achieving our academic mission is to offer degree, certificate, and other programs that integrate environmental and social as well as financial accountability into all the areas traditionally taught in business and public service schools, from Economics to Managerial Accounting, from Operations & Production to Marketing and Communications. Special emphasis is given to what Presidio calls the “Human Dimension of Leadership.”

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our research focus areas include:
1. Renewable Energy, Clean Technologies and the Built Environment
2. Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
3. Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance
4. Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities

All of our research and case development, and the work of our research partners and sponsors, focus on these dimensions of sustainable development.

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