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Business School

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China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)


Horgen , ZH, Switzerland


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31 Aug 2011

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03 May 2018

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Zurich Institute of Business Education PRME SIP APR 2018 - View Report

Period Covered: Jan 2017 to Apr 2020

Zurich Institute of Business Education, formally Lorange Institute of Business Zurich, is a private boutique institution in the higher education industry in Switzerland. The school has has been affiliated with the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) since end of 2015.
As outlined in this report, we express our continued commitment to the 6 principles of PRME and welcome this opportunity to review and reflect on our current practices and lay out our direction and strategy going forward.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• Our mission refers to teaching and exemplifying responsible business management:
“(...) We make faculty, students and staff conjointly create innovations and sustainable value for the complex business world. The professional and personal advancement and further development of all stakeholders is the utmost concern.
Our decisions are led by the following triad of questions:
o Is it beneficial to the stakeholders?
o Is it beneficial to the global business world?
o Is it innovative?”

• Our students are working executives who bring in management experience and intent to take out a learning the value of which is directly provable in their practical environment. Our programs meet this demand by combining theory with practice and conveying a positive and highly responsible attitude towards business management.

• The courses teach the value of sustainability for any kind of business. There is a special course dedicated to this topic (part of degree programs and open enrolment): “Sustainable Business Management”.

• A strong focus on responsible and sustainable business management is also integrated into the courses: “Core of Business Management”, “Management for Profitable Growth” and “Leadership”.

• Sustainable value is created for students and companies through a combination of job/business related learning tools such as the Zurich Living Case, business simulations, management manuals and master theses.

• We make a contribution to lifelong-learning, offering not only degree programs for executives but also open-enrolment courses, brush-up seminars, in-company programs and the Zurich Business Forum.

• The Lorange Institute deals fairly with the environment and also instructs the students to do so (e-communication, economizing energy and resource consumption, participation in myclimate-initiative and UNICEF-Global Campaign for Education).

• We formulate the most important directives regarding ethical behavior in several documents: the “Code of Ethics and Conduct”, expressing the general ethical mindset of the Institute, the “Regulations for Ethical Behavior”, focusing on the school-operations, and the “Code of Contact”, regarding the contact with the customers.

• The courses shall explicitly affect the ethical aspects of each subject in at least one lesson. New evaluations among the faculty (2011/2012) shall help to track and develop ethical aspects.

• We aim at long-term employments for the staff and the faculty.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• The Dean, Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange recently published the book “Leading in Turbulent Times – Lessons Learnt and Implications for the Future” (Emerald 2010), including several “lessons” about sustainability and corporate responsibility. Furthermore, we plan to sponsor research in these fields among our faculty.

• The combination of theory and practice is one of the key pillars of our program strategy. The Zurich Living Case and the cooperation between academic faculty and practitioners clearly contribute to this aim.

• The Zurich Living Cases are real-world business problems from different industries, confronting the candidates with challenging consulting tasks. Innovation and ideas for responsible and sustainable business management are key.

• Beside the Zurich Business Forum (research conference twice a year), we plan to establish monthly events/congresses in cooperation with different companies. Topics regarding value creation, ethics, sustainability and future-oriented/global entrepreneurial responsibilities shall be included.

• The Lorange Institute of Business has established a cultural foundation sponsoring cultural projects.

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