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This is the Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report to PRME from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado for the 2012 reporting year.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• At the Leeds School of Business, The Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) exists specifically to offer curricula and programs to infuse values discussions into the fabric of the School and of student life, both in school and beyond. Private donors and the Leeds School itself fund these efforts.

• Corporate responsibility and sustainability are incorporated throughout our undergraduate and graduate curricula. At the undergraduate level, freshmen begin to explore personal values in business contexts and learn about CSR in a required “Introduction to Business” course. A dedicated, required course at the junior level guides students through in-depth analyses of ethical dilemmas, decision-making frameworks, and business obligations to various stakeholders in real-life applications. Required capstone experiences at the senior level highlight analyses of decision-making pertaining specifically to each functional business area. At the graduate level, a course dedicated to socially responsible enterprises is required. For both undergraduates and graduates, there are multiple elective courses exploring particular facets of sustainability and social responsibility.

• CESR collaborates with other academic divisions within Leeds, like Accounting and Management, to offer cross-listed, leading edge courses such as “Privacy in the Age of Facebook,” “Microfinance,” and “Integrated Reporting for Socially Responsible Strategies” as well as the MBA elective “Reporting on Non-Financial Performance.”

• CESR offers an undergraduate certificate program in “Socially Responsible Enterprise,” which consists of three elective classes and a major experiential learning requirement. Together with the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship and the CU Real Estate Center, CESR offers a Sustainability Portfolio for MBA students, consisting of a three-elective requirement.

• CESR is launching CESR at Leeds Stampede: A Week of Driving Values in Business (April 15th -19th , 2013). Sixteen scheduled events will highlight the Leeds School’s commitment to values, ethics, and social responsibility education spanning social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and values in all businesses and careers.

• CESR offers the annual Conscious Capitalism Conference, which is free to students of all regional universities, designed to inspire business students to think of business in new and creative ways to serve society directly.

• Three Centers of Excellence at Leeds (CESR, Deming, and Real Estate) collaborate to provide students at all levels with courses and programs relating specifically to sustainability. These collaborations include the creation of a library of multimedia sustainability case studies. Leeds faculty from all three Centers (CESR, Deming, and Real Estate) advise and act as faculty sponsors for various student groups and initiatives relating to CSR and sustainability.

• Both the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship and the CU Real Estate Center also sponsor classes on topics related to sustainability, including “Sustainable Venturing,” “Sustainable Opportunities,” and “Sustainable Real Estate.

• CESR spearheads the Leeds School’s effort to require students to “walk the talk” of social responsibility and sustainability. CESR has launched the pilot project of It’s Not JAM (Just About Me) with the goal to become an outreach/engagement service graduation requirement for all Leeds undergraduates.

• The Leeds School was recognized by Business As UNusual as one of the top rated schools in sustainability education at the MBA level. The Net Impact Chapter at the Leeds School is recognized as a Gold Chapter by Net Impact, placing it amongst the top 15% of graduate chapters. It offers exemplary programs such as the New Venture Challenge Case Competition – Social Impact Track, Leeds Social Impact Consultants, Board Fellows, and hosts the annual Net Impact Case Competition.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• CESR continues to sponsor and support leading-edge research on corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and values-driven leadership through initiatives such as the Vogt Sustainability Research Fund. (VSRF funds are currently supporting research on the adoption of Climate Change Solutions: International Renewable Energy Policy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship). As part of its budget going forward, CESR specifically has committed to raising additional dollars to support faculty research, with increasing funding targets over each of the next five years.

• Through CESR, Leeds has forged bonds with other schools within the University of Colorado, regional and national academic communities, and the business community to advance education on values and social responsibility. In July 2012, CESR hosted a successful Curriculum Think Tank, a gathering of eight schools sharing their best thinking on values/ethics/social responsibility education. CESR now oversees a much larger consortium of schools that are dedicated to education in this area. The Consortium of Education on Social Responsibility now meets regularly and has grown in participation to over 23 academic professionals at 13 schools across the country.

• Based on data compiled for the Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes rankings, over 35 articles in peer refereed journals have been authored by Leeds faculty (with significantly more chapters, comments, conference proceedings, etc.) on the topics of environmental, ethical, and social sustainability. Numerous research efforts pertaining to these subjects have been identified and are ongoing in all of the School’s Divisions.

• Through the CESR Faculty Affiliates program, the Leeds School highlights and encourages the research, teaching and service interests of faculty members whose work is aligned with corporate responsibility and sustainability.

• The Deming Center is critically involved with the Organic Food initiative in Boulder, Cleantech Venturing, and Retooling; each program involves critical interaction and exchange with regional companies and industry representatives.

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