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07 Jul 2009

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20 Dec 2017

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Period Covered: Jan 2016 to Dec 2017

Witten/Herdecke University and its Faculty of Management & Economics are designed to prepare students for leading positions in business, politics and society. We educate change agents, who are able to cope with the unexpected and who are prepared to assume responsibility. It is our professed aim to raise awareness amongst our students for the economic, ecological and social challenges of the 21st century.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The key philosophy of social responsibility outlined in the three guiding principles for Witten/Herdecke University is and remains highly important in view of future challenges. Today’s economic systems operate within contexts that are formed not only by political and social but also by environmental, technological, demographic and health related issues. Responsible entrepreneurial activity is therefore an integral part of such wider contexts.

In contrast to the typical business school, our faculty's main objective has been from the start - in 1984 - to integrate other academic disciplines in economic studies and to also explore economic issues from the perspective of related fields to ensure practical relevance and applicability of our education.

In addition, all students have to take courses in the "Studium Fundamentale". The aim of these fundamental studies is to offer students new perspectives for their core studies and to better develop their reflective, communicative and creative skills. Once a week students of all faculties within Witten/Herdecke University explore fields beyond their own disciplines and attend lectures and classes in which topics from philosophy, aesthetics, arts and ethics are addressed. Additionally, the field of Studium Fundamentale consists of a variety of courses in social sciences and features a chair for “Politics, Sustainability and Transformational Dynamics”.

Lectures, conferences, workshops
Numerous lectures, conferences, workshops, etc. focus every semester on sustainability themes. Most of them are initiated in close exchange with our students. Examples from the last two years include:

PPE Conference 2017
Transformation: Knowledge, Power, Wealth
The Conference was filled with student paper presentations that explored the links between knowledge, power and wealth and showed how rewarding it is to go after one’s own questions. Once again, the lively exchange of students and scholars attending the conference showed the value of bringing together different perspectives and continuing to build the PPE network.

Oikos Winter School 2017
"You call it eco - we call it common sense: Sustainability in the Fashion Industry"
The conference provided international students and young professionals with a sound knowledge of the topic “Sustainability in the Fashion Industry" and offered an environment of deep discussion and vital international Exchange to future change leaders.

UW/H Debate
UW/H Debate is a discussion platform on current political and social issues. It targets the general public. Researchers at Witten/Herdecke University engage in discussion with external experts and invite the audience to join in. This format is organized two or three times per semester. Selection of topics covered:

- Community financing – new challenges, old problems?
- Seeing trust as basis of market economy
- Does Islam belong to Germany?
- The Trump Administration – Much ado about nothing?!

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The two key fields of research activities at the UW/H Faculty of Management and Economics are reflected in the degree courses which the Faculty offers. Under the heading "entrepreneurship and leadership" one field concentrates on managerial questions regarding the behavior of prospective business leaders on the protagonist level. Research in the economics-oriented field comes under the heading "markets and institutions" with a focus on rules for the management of markets and market systems. This research approach permits and even demands interdisciplinary exploration, since major challenges to future societies will require a joint effort of several disciplines. Market analysis also covers sustainability aspects. The Faculty’s research focuses on:

• Family Business (Focus: Long-term Orientation of Family Firms)
• Leadership and Corporate Governance (Focus: Responsible management and leadership in all ranks, governance, social responsibility)
• Institutional Change
• Healthcare Management & Economics (Sustainable Health Services Research)

Research projects conducted in the field of corporate responsibility as well as sustainability included:

Sustainable management in the food sector
The Centre for Sustainable Leadership mainly focuses on the food sector. Here, it aims to support the values of global responsibility by addressing topics like strategic management and sustainability, sustainable leadership, executive education as well as evaluation and communication of sustaina-bility.

Witten Project on Water Saving was honoured by Asian Development Bank
As best practice case and only project of water research, the Witten project for the saving of water in Southern India "WaLUE" ( was honoured by the Asian Development Bank. Prof. Dr. Karl-Ulrich Rudolph, Director of the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management at Witten/Herdecke University, presented the project that will reduce massive loss of water caused by leaks and theft. The concept and its underlying business model will facilitate a resource-efficient use of water tailor-made simultaneously for the local requirements and the needs of possible financiers.

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