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Undergraduate, Post Graduate

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City University of Seattle


Seattle, WA, United States


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12 Jun 2009

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20 Dec 2012

Sharing Information on Progress (2012)

City University of Seattle's 2012 Report on Progress - View Report

This report describes the progress that has been made by the Faculty and Staff at City University of Seattle in support of the PRME.

Sharing Information on Progress (2010)

City University of Seattle PRME SIP Report - View Report

For nearly thirty years, City University of Seattle has been active outside of the United States to ensure that varied populations of students have access to higher education. In this way, CityU has contributed to the social welfare of the populations it has served. A significant portion of the effort that CityU has put into ensuring responsible management education comes in its dedication to international education that include sustainable business practices for students both at home and abroad.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

City University of Seattle has embarked upon a three- year approach to building social justice, environmental responsibility, and sustainable business into all of its undergraduate and graduate programs in the School of Management. These efforts align with many of the same issues addressed by the six principles. In the first year, we have built new courses and incorporated them into new and existing programs. In the second year, we have developed an MBA emphasis area and a graduate certificate in sustainable business. These programs will begin in the fall of 2009. Next year, we will complete the process of ensuring that all management programs contain outcomes that are focused on responsible management and sustainable business.
Specific accomplishments, or planned actions, include:
• Majority of both undergraduate and graduate programs in business already contain courses or emphasis that stress the importance of social justice, environmental responsibility, ethical leadership, and sustainable business practices
• All programs, and most courses, are evaluated to determine the extent to which they conform to the university’s commitment to foster diverse and global perspectives in all graduates.
• The university has developed an MBA with an emphasis in Sustainable Business which is being offered in the fall of 2009.
• The University has also developed a graduate certificate in Sustainable Business which is being offered in the fall of 2009.
• The University has plans to create an executive education offering in Sustainable Business to be available through our Management Institute.
• The University will be evaluating all management programs in the coming year to align them with the six Principles of Responsible Management Education. This effort will be completed by June, 2010. This will ensure that every graduate of City University’s School of Management will have been introduced to these principles.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

City University of Seattle has campuses and partnerships around the world and is current engaging with other universities and several businesses in its effort to develop and implement academic programs that provide an internationalized yet sustainable approach to management. We typically work with Industry Advisory Councils that we form out of professionals who are already practicing in their chosen fields, to ensure that the outcomes we associate with each of our programs are aligned to the present and future demands that employers will have. This forms an important link that we have established and will continue to foster with our business community.

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