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02 Jun 2009

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05 Jul 2018

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Period Covered: Jan 2014 to Dec 2015

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• The Center for Faith and Work, opening fall 2009, will coordinate and promote activities and curriculum to:
o help business students develop as persons with integrity who view their work not just as a means for income and career advancement, but as a means by which they respond to their calling to work for social justice and the common good;
o provide the collaborative structure, resources, and guidance to help SBA faculty members, staff and students recognize the importance of considering their chosen careers as a calling or vocation;
• Annual Business As a Calling lectures bring top executives to campus to discuss the role of faith, ethics and social responsibility in their business experience.
• Walk the Talk events pair business students with business professionals to discuss cases related to business ethics and corporate responsibility.
• A required business ethics course for undergraduate business students is supplemented by discussion of these issues throughout the business curriculum.
• A required elective in ethics and corporate social responsibility for MBA students has been adopted recently. Additional courses are being developed.
• Semester-long seminars pair business faculty with humanities and social science faculty to learn to collaborate to enrich the student experience.
• Sustainability was the theme in this year’s Stander Symposium which included keynote speakers, issues forums and student projects.
• Business students participate in the School of Engineering ETHOS program that sends groups of students to less-developed countries to create solutions to problems identified by NGOs in those countries (e.g., the solar powered autoclave developed by a group in Nicaragua for sterilizing medical instruments).
• Flyer Enterprises, our student run business organization, is investigating consulting for not-for-profit organizations.
• Our Center for Leadership in Executive Education includes programs on social responsibility and arranges extra sessions with those speakers for our students and alumni.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

o The Center for Faith and Work, opening fall 2009, will offer opportunities for faculty members to engage in scholarship and collegial inquiry around topics germane to the integration of faith and work, such as the application of ethical models and Catholic Social thought to business situations.
o Faculty research has been presented at the Notre Dame conference on business education in Catholic universities.

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