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01 Apr 2008

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27 Jun 2019

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4th Report on the commitment of Fondazione ISTUD to the Global Compact Principles - View Report

Period Covered: Jun 2014 to Jun 2016

The enclosed report represents a summary of the main activities implemented by the ISTUD Foundation in accordance with the principles of responsible management, ranging from research national and international projects, to training path for graduates and executives, without disregarding in-house projects which have involved primary Italian companies. The report includes activities implemented between June 2014 and June 2016.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

As detailed in our 3nd report, ISTUD Foundation confirms its interest and committment in deploying a series of interrelated actions aimed at providing a framework for the rationalization of the main elements of an economic development based on Business Integrity, Green Management and Sustainable Innovation that, in our approach, intertwine significantly:
- to develop a line of research to restore the true picture in terms of needs, investment readiness, the ability to reorient their business models toward sustainable innovation
- to develop and spread competence and knowledge in order to prevent illegal behaviors, integrating the more usual repressive approach with a prevention perspective, based on the dissemination of new values and awareness and not only on mere compliance
- to develop guidelines for outstanding training on the themes of Green Management and Sustainability, aimed at post-graduate and executives in all sectors.
For this reson in the 3nd Report we have maintained the basic descriptions of our approach in each Principle and updated activities and results reached, not forgetting to point our new future objectives and in particular our aim to establish an Observatory on “Management and Business Integrity” in order to analyse the relations between management and legality and how business, social parties, Public Administration and the civil society can work against corruption in all its forms, including connection with organized crime, extortion, wear and collusion

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

ISTUD Foundation is continuing a wide research activity, in collaboration with its member companies and clients, with the intention of giving a real and deep knowledge of the analysed subjects that can feed critical thinking and help managers, leaders and workers to combine business objectives with social ones.
All ISTUD's research and training activies aim to help and support the development of a new approach in doing business, where decisions are good enough for the companies/organisations but also compliant with the society expectations.
For this resason multidisciplinary research teams have been developed on the following main crucial research topics:
- Generational Studies
- Diversity Management
- Management and Ethics
- Green Management
- Narrative Medicine and Sustainable Health.

These are the main research reports developed in the last two years (2012-2014) these fields:
2012 “Narrative medicine for sustainable health services”
2012 Survival guide for young job seekers. The key words from A to Z (Book)
2013 Youth and work : Youth in business without borders
2013 CRESCERE Creare con Racconti di ESperienze di Cura l'Empowerment alla Ricerca dell'Eccellenza
2013 Storie di vita negli anni d'argento
2013 Back to life: la narrazione dei pazienti con mielofibrosi
2013 TSTory Storytelling applied to training: need analysis report
2013 LEAN Learning from Analogies
2014 Y-ers ready for work around the world
2014 Persone con sclerosi multipla in rete: quali orizzonti
2014 TrainCoDe - Developing senior human capital and promoting active aging through teaching and coaching
2014 WIN - Women entrepreneurshIp enhancement

A list of the last articles and papers published and events organised on these items is detailed in the full 3nd Report.

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