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19 Dec 2008

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18 Apr 2017

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The Villanova School of Business (VSB) is a premiere educational institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs, infused with the Principles for Responsible Management Education. The VSB strives to create a learning environment that transforms lives, positively impacts society, nurtures creativity, assures an analytical approach, provides a global perspective, and develops ethical leaders.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• The Villanova School of Business (VSB) has a strong and longstanding commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability
• As part of the University's Catholic, Augustinian tradition, Villanova is committed to educating responsible global citizens who are committed to social justice and human improvement
• At VSB, ethics and social responsibility play an integral role in both the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.
• The undergraduate core curriculum integrates ethics and social responsibility among several cross-disciplinary team taught courses. All VSB students are requried to take the University course, Ethical Traditions and Contemporary Life, as well as Corporate Repsonsibility and Regulation offered by VSB.
• At the graduate level, we require an ethics and business law sequence which ensures all of our MBA graduates have a strong foundation in ethical principles and applications
• In addition, the University has recently introduced new majors in environmental science and environmental studies, building on already strong concentrations and minors in ethics and environmental studies.
• The Villanova EMBA program, in collaboration with the Center for Marketing and Public Policy and the Center for Global Leadership are introducing a curricular initiative targeting sustainable marketing, messaging, and leadership.
• VSB undergraduate students have researched sustainability issues through targeted international independent studies.
• 2008/2009 has been designated as a "Year of Sustainability" at Villanova, with a series of events, culminating in a major international conference, in April. Refer to following website for additional information,
• VSB students are also very active in extracurricular activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability, notably through domestic and international service initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity, the largest student run Special Olymipics, and via participation in ethics and CSR case competitions such as the Business Ethics Fortnight held annually at Loyola Marymount University.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• The President of Villanova is a signatory to the "President's Climate Commitment" under which Universities pledge to reduce and eventually achieve carbon neutrality.
• The University has a strong program in ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability, including a commitment to create a green campus environment through innovative management of stormwater, achievement of LEED certification for newly constructed buildings, and via a curriculum that includes required courses in ethics.
• VSB houses the Strategic Initiative Group in Corporate Social Responsibility and The Center for Global Leadership which is dedicated to "ethical and responsible global leadership for the betterment of business and society". These two initiatives provide thought leadership, curricular innovation, and external outreach in the areas of CSR and responsible global leadership. They also support a number of initiatives at the business school, including an active speakers program, a biennual 2-day workshop for faculty in ethics and social responsibility, and support of student initiatives such as service trips and participation in business ethics case competitions.
• The Villanova Center for Marketing and Public Policy Research has partnered with the U.S Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development to research sustainable business practices, targeted messaging to legislators, and product design and branding of sustainable products. An International Working Group of academic, corporations (including Office Depot and Nike) and consumer groups is actively researching ways to incorporate the ‘triple bottom line’ of sound corporate practice, environmental responsibilty and societal well being into business and governmental organizations.
• VSB hosted the American Marketing Association and Public Policy Conference in May 2008. Sustainability was a major theme of the conference with leading academics from around the globe discussing the results of their work in the area. VSB will host the Transformative Consumer Research Conference in 2009 which will address sustainability issues and their impact on consumer welfare.
• The Journal of Marketing & Public Policy, one of the world’s leading academic marketing journals, is housed at VSB. The Journal addressed the issue of sustainability quite often in recent issues, including a special issue on Public Policy and Marketing in the Face of Catastrophe, which explores consumer and governmental responses to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.
• Several VSB scholars, including Jonathan Doh and Ron Hill, actively publish and contribute to national and international dialogue about corporate responsibility, sustainability, and the role of business schools in contributing to ethical leadership and corporate responsibility.

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