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Business School

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Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Executive

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Nova Southeastern University


Fort Lauderdale-Davie, Florida, United States


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01 Mar 2015

Current Sharing Information on Progress Report Submission

10 Feb 2017

Sharing Information on Progress (2017)

2015-2017 PRME SIP Report - View Report

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Courses of Ethics for undergrads and grads
Hiring of 2 scholars in residence dedicated to CSR & Sustainability
Creation of new courses integrating sustainability and CSR
Integration of sustainability and responsible management in classes across the business school's departments
Support students' initiatives (creation of a students' group dedicated to greening the campus, Earth Day event)

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

currently assessing what has been done: Several publications on Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership and Ethics
currently working with Broward county and launching Sustainability 101 Lunch series, 5 sessions about what is sustainability and how it is relevant for businesses
Integrating sustainability and CSR in the orientation day (SWIM day) opening and day theme

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