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01 May 2015

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11 Mar 2019

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Period Covered: Apr 2017 to Mar 2019

This is the Sharing Information on Progress Report from the UFV School of Business for the period 2017–2019

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The UFV School of Business acknowledges the importance of corporate responsibility and sustainability by integrating core concepts into mandatory business courses. Our students learn about these concepts early on in their “Introduction to Business course.” Our students have the opportunity to take an upper level business course in “Business and Society,” which further examines the moral and ethical issues facing contemporary business, the pre-requisite being a mandatory “Business Law” course. The business law course serves as an introduction to the importance of corporate responsibility from the prospective of law.

Through an annual course review, the UFV School of Business intends on further integrating the concepts of corporate responsibility and sustainability into other required courses within the programme. We are currently in the process of designing a new “Business Ethics” course. Future programme development will include elements of corporate responsibility and sustainability, as it is outlined in the UFV School of Business’s mission statement, included below.

“The UFV School of Business develops individuals to achieve leadership, management, global citizenship, and employability potential through business-relevant, research-informed education.”

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Research at the UFV School of Business that is related to the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability is currently aligned with the fields of HRM/OS and Accounting/Finance. Some recent publications include:

Dayanandan, A., Donker, H., Ivanof, M., & Karahan, G. (2016). IFRS and accounting quality: Legal origin, regional, and disclosure impacts. International Journal of Accounting & Information Management, 24(3), 296-316. doi:10.1108/IJAIM-11-2015-0075

Dobson, D. S., & Ulbrich, F. (2016). Introducing a model for measuring the effects of framing environmental claims on willingness to pay. Paper presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada 2016 Conference, Edmonton, AB.

Lautsch, B. L., Robertson, K. M., & Hannah, D. R. (2013). When "balance" means working all the time: Life values, role negotiation, and work-life balance. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Meetings. Florida, August 2013

Leung, Raymond & Joe, Ilsever (2013). Review of Evidence between Corporate Governance and Mandatory IFRS Adoption from the Perspective of Agency Theory and Information Asymmetry. Universal Journal of Accounting & Finance 1 (3), 85-94

Leung, R. (2016). Earnings management motives and firm value following mandatory IFRS adoption – Evidence from Canadian companies. Corporate Ownership & Control, 13(2), 280-295.

Turchick Hakak, L. & Al Ariss, A. (2013). Vulnerable work and international migrants: a relational human resource management perspective. The International Journal of Human Resource Management 24(22), 4116-4131

Turchick Hakak, L., & Toubiana, M. (2016). Doctors driving taxi cabs: Downward occupational transition and persistent identity asymmetries. Paper presented at the Tenth conference on Emotions and Organizational Life (Emonet X), Rome.

To support and foster academic research, the UFV School of Business offers a Research Development Program, allowing faculty develop their abilities as researchers, through workshops and seminars. These sessions involve all aspects of business, including topics regarding corporate responsibility and sustainability. This program allows the UFV School of Business to promote collaboration in our scholarly activities that integrate faculty, students, and members of the wider community, as well as integrating research findings into teaching and/or to promote the economic development of the Fraser Valley region.

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