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01 May 2015

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our signature achievement in this area is a graduate-level course in “Businesses and Sustainability” that deals explicitly with making a business case for corporations to follow sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Cross listed in management and marketing, this course is a popular favorite among students across several M.B.A. concentrations (global supply chain, international business, management and marketing). Additional related coursework is available to students in our corporate governance, finance, internal audit and information systems programs.

A relatively new initiative at the undergraduate level requires students in the “Introduction to Business” class to engage in experiential/service learning opportunities that show them how businesses, government and non-profits cooperate to address societal problems. The program is being piloted this fall with 300 freshmen and sophomores with the intention of expanding it across the school.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Research in corporate responsibility and sustainability is conducted across our academic departments. This work ranges from the theoretical (management research into employee interpretations of and reactions to corporate responsibility and sustainability) to the highly practical (marketing research into promoting energy efficient options to consumers, responsible product packaging, antismoking advertising and more).

Under the leadership of our new dean, we are seeking to expand upon these efforts by partnering teams of faculty and student “consultants” with local business leaders to help develop solutions to longstanding and/or underlying challenges that may not otherwise be addressed. Corporate responsibility and sustainability principles will be at the core of the solutions we propose.

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