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06 Sep 2013

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25 Mar 2019

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II Report for PRME - Department of International Affairs of Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade (AMF) - View Report

Period Covered: Dec 2016 to Dec 2018

This is the second report that we present to PRME. Therefore, we have presented all our actions since 2016 that could be correlated to the 6 principles of PRME. Our institution is young but strives a lot to help PRME and that is what we hope to have shown in this report.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade (AMF) offers graduation courses of Business, Technology and Law; and also MBA Programs. It has been already conducting many events and training programs in the area of social responsibility and sustainability. One example is the meeting "Brazil of the Millennium in Paris" that took place on December of 2010, in Paris, at the headquarters of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of the French Republic. At this meeting Brazilian citizens, all of them students at AMF, presented projects that propose solutions for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of UN. Among these projects, there are a few that are being placed in practice by AMF itself. For example: Flute Project offers, for free, musical education to public school students of the region around the campus where the college is located. All the projects presented in Paris are available at the website: (a website created by AMF and dedicated exclusively to the MDGs).
Besides the projects presented during this meeting there is also project OIKOS facing sustainability through recycling and waste separation in the whole area of the campus Recanto Maestro. This project was idealized from an academic paper of one post-graduate student of Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade and won 1st Place in the FECOMERCIO Sustainability Award of 2011.
In addition to these projects, through means of the initiative and support of the Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade, was organized, in 2011, the International Congress Responsibility and Reciprocity ( It was organized by students of AMF and had been a place for discussion of the themes that would be in the highlight on the following year at the UNCSD (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20). The congress featured discussions with international speakers involving the entire academic community of AMF.
As another example of action of Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade, there was a delegation formed by teachers, undergraduate students and MBA´s students of AMF participating as official members of the Major Groups authorized to be in the official headquarters of the UNCSD - Rio +20 event. In that occasion the mainly activity of AMF was a meeting (open to the public) about the success case of sustainability of the campus Recanto Maestro, the contribution of agribusiness and of information technology for Brazilian sustainable development. This meeting was held in the space of the Major Groups Pavilion at RioCentro. Among the speakers were entrepreneurs as César Leite (Group Processor), Ari Foletto (Foletto Foods) and Reges Bronzatti (ASSESPRO / RS). Also students of the MBA Agribusiness of Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade, Noelle Foletto and Marcelo Mariano da Rocha presented a SWOT analysis of the Brazilian agribusiness; this analysis was prepared especially for this occasion.
In addition, the Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade also participated of the “Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum: Innovation and Collaboration for the Future We Want” in 14th June, 2012, at Windsor Barra Hotel Rio de Janeiro. This forum held in cooperation with the Rio+20 Secretariat, the UN System and the Global Compact Local Network Brazil in the days leading up to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), had as objective to bring greater scale and quality to corporate sustainability practices.
AMF also develops a line of research in the field of “Forming Leaders, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability” That line investigates, from the perspective of the psychology of the leader, the corporate personality and continuing education (lifelong learning) of young people, focusing on the study and improvement of qualification of leaders in many fields, with contributions to the Brazilian entrepreneurship, the sustainable development and management, as well as projects aimed at contributing to the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations.(
Finally, AMF is also a partner of UN initiatives such as the Academic Impact (, the Global Compact (, and the Youth Year ( - See more at:

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The MBA Business Intuition that is already in development for five years in Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade has as one of its contents themes such as social responsibility and sustainability. Usually, the different editions of this MBA have a class of about 150 students per year, mostly entrepreneurs, business owners or executives.
In addition, through the bachelor courses of Business, Law and Information Systems offered of AMF, about 300 students have already been encouraged to discuss about these topics. Those are future professionals who will integrate large companies or be owners and managers of their own companies. As examples of these actions we can cite the initiative "Brazil of the Millennium in Paris" that led the students of the MBA and students of the graduation of Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade to the French Republic. Among the projects presented on that occasion there were many actions taken by corporations managed by the students of the MBAs of AMF to achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals. In this projects there is also space for the participation of youth: undergraduate students of the institution take part of the teams that put in practice these projects created in the classrooms . They were involved by producing and publicizing these projects.

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