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Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Executive


Casablanca, , Morocco


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14 Jun 2013

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03 May 2019

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Period Covered: May 2019 to May 2021

This progress report highlights ESCA Ecole de Management's activities that uphold the principles of responsible management education.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

According to our mission that, in one hand, aims to train future leaders socially responsible and concerned by the characteristics of sustainabke developement, and in the other hand, states clearly our willingness to contribute to the modernization of our society by developing values related to corporate responsibility and sustainability, we have adopted many actions. In terms of curriculum, we have included specific courses in our programs as:
- Business Ethics
- Sustainable Development
- Corporate Social responsability
- Doing Business within which the corporate responsibility and sustainability elements are analysed in the main areas around the world .
We encourage also all research projects that study the corporate responsibility issue in emerging contexts like ours. In this sense, some of our teachers have participated and presented in conferences on the corporate responsibility in :
- The 2nd Edition of Forum of Paris tittled : Saving the Mediterranean Sea – France March 2009
- The 2nd Edition of Festival of geopolitics : the geoeconomics of Sustainable developement and Renewable energy – France - May 2010
- Global Conference of les Ateliers de la terre - Rabat Round - May 2012
- The 2nd PRME organised by USEK – Lebanon – November 2012
- The 4th World Business Ethics Forum organized by the Business School of Jean Batist University - Hong KONG, November – December 2012

At the organizational level, based on the contribution of the share holders (Faculty members, students, parents, administrative members...) we have developed an ethical code in order to promote ethical behavior within the school.
Also, by organizing our conferences cycle, we have already discussed issues like sustainability and governance with eminent lecturers that are at the Head of the Moroccan fight against corruption Council, former president of CSR commission at Moroccan Association of Entrepreneurs...
It's very important to mention that students are involving in the humanitarian and citizenship activities. The drive since more 15 years a lot of social activities to express their solidarity to children who are hopitalized, and to humanitarian foundations.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our school has developed strong relationships with companies which allow it to promote corporate responsibility and sustainability values through executive education and knowledge development.
- We conduct a survey on moroccan companies which have been granted the label as responsible companies by the Moroccan Association of Entrepreneurs (CGEM)
- We analyse the business model of CSR "labellised" moroccan companies in order to have an idea on the kind of adopted business model in those companies : repared or innovative business model ?
We plan to engage researchs in partnership with the European rating agency Vigeo...

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